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Facebook changes the publishing game – Instantly

Our ever-evolving friend Facebook initially launched the first trials of their new Instant Articles ten months ago, with a proposal to have publishers post articles straight into the Facebook App (instead of initially doing so on their own websites). Why would a publisher want to explore this option? Because… Facebook is providing publishers unparalleled access to the same technology they use to display photos and videos instantly in the Facebook feed – as much as ten times faster than the standard mobile web – providing hosting that’s cleaner, more agile, and offers a superior interactive experience for mobile readers.

chasethis 3 years ago

The Future of Brands is Experience.

The Future of Brands is Experience. Close your eyes for a moment and think about a time when you had a truly great brand experience – an experience that engaged you, that moved you, sent those little tingles up your spine, captured your heart and mind… and made you want to share it. Now think… what was so special about it?

chasethis 3 years ago

IoT – How connected will we be?

IoT – How connected will we be? Ok, let’s say you had a wee bit of a binge eating weekend, and to compensate, you’ve been using your wearable fitness app to track your steps and calories, along with your connected bathroom scale. When you go to open your smart fridge for an innocent midday snack, it locks you out, melts your dulce de leche Haagen-Dazs (hey – it was only a mini!), presents you with a low-fat yogurt, and simultaneously connects you to a friend who pops up on the in-door screen for support. Sound far off? It’s not.

chasethis 3 years ago

The Seductiveness of Data

Data is being witlessly generated by everything around us at all times – every time we interact with the Internet, use our mobile phones (texts, pictures, videos, GPS, etc.), change the temperature on our Nest thermostats, order laundry detergent from our Amazon Dash, call up a show on Netflix… let alone every infinitesimal social media exchange producing it. Data arrives from multiple sources at a staggering velocity, volume and variety.

chasethis 3 years ago

Apple vs. FBI – a backdoor into Pandora's box

A polarizing legal debate is engulfing the U.S. and beyond and has everyone talking privacy. Should Apple be forced to help the FBI unlock an encrypted iPhone belonging to a terrorist?

chasethis 3 years ago