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39 Times #Life Pretty Much Covered It.

Because sometimes that's enough.

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1. When Doug had a killer Saturday.

2. And Ashley had a Saturday of firsts.

3. When Alaina pretty much captured the mindset of everyone in the back row of your 7AM class on Mondays.

4. And Kari captured the mindset of pretty much everyone.

5. When The Sunpilots defined all existence.

6. And Nedz realized the meaning of his existence.

7. When Jaye got philosophical.

8. And Annelise got real.

9. When Joe had his heart broken.

10. And so did Ashlyn.

11. When McKenna suggested the Netflix section we've all been searching for.

12. And Lean found that section.

RIP Lean's Bacon.

RIP Lean's Bacon.

13. When Rachel pondered one of life's great mysteries.

14. And Brian got lost in it.

15. When Juuulia had some extra time getting ready this morning.

16. And Kennedy did not.

17. When Georgia got sucked into this vacuum.

18. And Matt fell to the power of this one.

19. When Cameron decided to dance on the wild side.

20. And Adam discovered "The Trifecta".

21. When Joe shared his ritual with the world.

22. And Rachel shared hers.

23. When McKenna was outdone by her Sim.

24. And Jessi was outdone by "Literally everyone."

25. When Murph...Well...

26. And Emily...Well...

27. When Emily got burned at the bookstore.

28. And Kristina got burned at home.

29. When Hunter supported Team USA.

30. And Veronica supported Team Veronica.

31. When we all had to think back to the horrific day that Cassie lost her first season of Sailor Moon.

Also, RIP Cassie's Polaroid.

Also, RIP Cassie's Polaroid.

32. And then we relived this moment from Macie's Sunday night.

33. When this dog just had to eat.

34. And this Harry Potter Junkie forgot to.

35. When this Dad won "Father of the Year."

36. And this one got first runner up.

37. When Lauren needed to Re-Up.

38. And Eliseee needed to grease up.

39. And when Claire pretty much summed this whole thing up.

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