14 Times Food Was Something It Should Never Be

Stop it, food.

1. When these watermelons decided to become fiddle playing mice.

The buffet station is no place for Mumford & Son covers.

2. When this cucumber saw Blackfish and got way too into it.

Never going to Sea World again.

3. When this salami decided it was your favorite song.

And you realized that your salami just copied over the GREATEST mix tape your 6th grade self ever made.

4. When this egg decided to become a baby carriage.

Actually that’s super cute. Keep doing it.

5. When this Tangerine just couldn’t take it anymore.

“Wait these aren’t lemons? Can we go swap them out?”

6. When this cheese decided to memorialize the late Steve Jobs.

No, cheese. No.

7. When this lemon got sick of taking its meds.

And then peed on them.

8. When these two needed a little privacy.

“Oh the things I’m going to do to this carrot when you scroll down” said the Banana.

9. When this pear got that internship you wanted at NBC.

It had a really great cover letter.

10. When this kiwi became cute as f*%k.

AS. F*%K.

11. When this melon joined the Broadway cast of “The Newsies”

He’s the King of New York.

12. When there were way too many mother fu*#%ng strawberry snakes on your mother fu*#%ng plane.

13. When your mother fu*#%ng plane was made of carrots.

And when those carrots became…

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