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12 Things People Who Only "Go" At Home Understand

"BRB gotta run home to water the dog." Everybody prefers the comfort of their own home. Make your home even more comfortable with Charmin.

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1. When you're out in public, and you realize it's time.

2. Back when you were a kid, camp was not all fun and games.

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3. Heading home to "feed the dog" before you meet friends after work...

4. ...then getting road rage because SOMEbody's driving five under, and a pit stop is NOT AN OPTION right now.

5. This:

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6. Experiencing vacation anxiety...

7. for camping:

8. Squeezing in a last-minute "chore" before you leave your place with friends.

9. When you're about to successfully go in public and then someone comes in and ruins it.

10. When you're out and someone asks why you seem tense.

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"You wouldn't understand."

11. How it feels to come home after a very long day:

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12. And finally, that incredible, magical moment of perfection when you enter your home bathroom.

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This is heaven.

Because, of course, that's where the Charmin lives.