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Respond To These Scenarios And We’ll Determine If You Prefer Soft Or Strong Toilet Paper

Sometimes your toilet paper preferences are written in the stars. Other times, you just need to, like, take a quiz and figure it out.

Blissful Daily Occurrences You Never Realized Were Actual Luxuries

Listen, the world is rife with little, blissful victories — you just have to look hard enough. Treat your bum to a little luxury with Charmin Ultra Soft today.

This Quiz Will Tell You With Exact Certainty What Kind Of Roomie You Are

Because we are defined by our toilet paper preferences, TBH.

12 Things People Who Only "Go" At Home Understand

"BRB gotta run home to water the dog." Everybody prefers the comfort of their own home. Make your home even more comfortable with Charmin.

10 Jokes That Prove Bathroom Humor Never Gets Old

What did the college student ask on Friday night? "Where the potty at?"

14 Exotic Places You Need "To Go" Before You Die

Globe trotter? Meet globe squatter. Because when you "gotta go," you gotta go! And be sure to bring a roll of Charmin on all your travels.

14 Thoughts Everyone Has While Restroom Snooping

Don't lie: you've done it. Sometimes you're at a party or a friend's place and you get a little... curious. It's no biggie — Charmin understands that restrooms are made to be explored.

10 Bathroom Cleaning Tips For People Who Just Can't

Bathrooms? Nope. Charmin Ultra Strong wants you to save time in the restroom so you can spend time in the real world. Seriously, life is way too short for this.

The 10 Stages Of Running Out Of Toilet Paper

As the biggest drama of life unrolls, use Charmin Ultra Strong to keep it together.