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14 Exotic Places You Need "To Go" Before You Die

Globe trotter? Meet globe squatter. Because when you "gotta go," you gotta go! And be sure to bring a roll of Charmin on all your travels.

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1. Do as the Romans did and visit an opulent Roman bath.

Alberto Guglielmi / Getty Images

The Acanto Day Spa is updated to modern standards but maintains the pampering rituals of the original. Plus it's built on the site of the Baths of Nero in Rome.

6. Then get silly at these wacky urinals at Foreigners Street in Chongqing Municipality, China.

China Photos / Getty Images

The theme park is a celebration of all things tacky and weird. It's open 24/7 and totally free to the public. The park also contains the world's largest public restroom, measuring in at 40,000 square meters.

8. Or step into the gorgeous Cagaloglu Hamam Turkish baths in Istanbul.

These are the last hamam (or baths) to be built in the empire. What's the difference between a Roman bath and a Turkish bath? Roman baths have chairs without Ottomans.

14. And finally, visit the "Mark 5" conceptual space toilet in Tokyo, Japan.

OK, so it's not in space. But trust us: Zero gravity presents its own set of challenges you do not want to deal with.