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Charmin Dropped A Toilet Tune About The Number Two, And Everybody’s Vibin’

If you can't talk about how much you love using Charmin in the bathroom, why not sing about it? Better yet, dance to it.

Talking about bathroom business in public is still soooo taboo.

A woman gasping

Although doing the number two is totally natural, people still get super weird when you talk about it. But Charmin is bending the rules with a clever loophole. People say it’s rude to discuss what happens on the toilet, but no one said you couldn’t sing about it...

A group of friends singing

That’s right, Charmin dropped a big bomb — a remixed version of their #ToiletTunes called “RollinRolls.” It’s so catchy, you can’t flush it out of your mind.


Charmin’s new bop makin’ my thang move. Duet me with your best 👀😂#ToiletTunesdance #CharminPartner

♬ Rollin' Rolls - TikTok Remix - Charmin
Who knew a song about TP could be so much fun??

We’re talking about an absolute bop with some pretty fresh rhymes. Just check out these bars: I love my Charmin Super Mega RollinRolls. Rolls last long, it’s TP goals.

You even get the alliteration. (You know the one you learned in high school English?) 

With a beat so danceable, you can't stop shaking your bootay. Just look at how much fun the @naenaetwinsofficial are having.


Duet with us! Show us your best Charmin #ToiletTunes wiggle. Pretty sure we nailed ours 😂 #CharminPartner (dc: @justmaiko)

♬ Rollin' Rolls - TikTok Remix - Charmin

Like the Nae Nae twins, people on TikTok are so hyped about it, they’ve even created their own version of the dance choreographed by Michael Le (@justmaiko). Dancer and Creator @_aubreyfisher captured his own "RollinRolls," with moves smoother than your bowel movements.


Booty poppin’ all the way to the throne with Charmin. Show me your #ToiletTunes moves. #CharminPartner

♬ Rollin' Rolls - TikTok Remix - Charmin

Speaking of the number two, TikTok duo @costnmayor totally killed it with their own rendition.


When we need to make sure our booty work is a ✨masterpiece✨… We reach for #Charmin 🧻 #ToiletTunes #CharminPartner (dc: @Michael Le )

♬ Rollin' Rolls - TikTok Remix - Charmin

While TikTokers popped, locked, and rolled from the comfort of their homes, you have someone like @enolabedard dancing out in public!


#ToiletTunes on Hollywood Blvd? You know that means booty poppin’… let me see your duet! #CharminPartner dc: @justmaiko

♬ Rollin' Rolls - TikTok Remix - Charmin

Kudos to Charmin and these TikTok creators for turning bathroom talk into a bop.

A woman giving the thumbs up

If you’re feeling the urge to share your own dance moves to Charmin’s “RollinRolls,” feel free to hop on the TikTok trend — and don’t forget to tag #ToiletTunes!

All videos via Charmin.