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Blissful Daily Occurrences You Never Realized Were Actual Luxuries

Listen, the world is rife with little, blissful victories — you just have to look hard enough. Treat your bum to a little luxury with Charmin Ultra Soft today.

1. Not being charged an additional fee for oat milk at your local coffee shop.

2. Arriving at the station just as your train pulls in.

3. Coming home to an empty apartment.

4. Remembering you have a new episode of your fave show to consume from the comfort of your very own futon.

5. Using a brand-new bottle of shampoo for the first time.

6. The moment you get your overloaded inbox down to a delicious zero.

7. Discovering your roommate replaced your usual scratchy toilet paper with the soft kind.

8. Traipsing through the freezer section of your local grocery store in mid-July.

9. That moment you get home from work and change into fresh socks.

10. That moment when you're waiting in a disturbingly long queue at the grocery store and then another cashier opens their lane and suddenly you're first in line.

11. When you remember to charge your phone overnight so you leave the house with nothing but complete, 100% juice on your cellie.

Your rear deserves a little indulgence too, OK?! For all things bum-luxury, Charmin has you covered.