15 Of The Best “Baby Got Back” Covers Ever

We like Big Butts. And we cannot lie. Check out these amazing versions of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s classic booty jam. It’s important to take care of that backside! So grab a roll of Charmin. People who use Charmin always enjoy the go.

1. Supercut Butt

2. Ross and Rachel Butt

3. Creepy Doll Butt

4. Butt Harmony

5. Heavy Metal Butt

6. Sir Ian McKellen Butt

7. Pig Butt

8. Country Butt

9. Loop Butt

10. Grandpa Butt

11. Everyone's Butt

12. Grumpy Butt

13. So Many Faces Butt

14. Soft Rock Butt

15. Adorable Butt

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