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14 Things We'd Only Read In The Bathroom

It's important to enjoy the go. Treat yourself to these amazing reads while you're on the throne. And while you're at it, grab a roll on Charmin. Because, those who go with Charmin always enjoy the go.

1. Taro Gomi, "Everybody Poops"


You know, for inspiration.

2. A Tube of Toothpaste

Ohhhh, potassium nitrate...interesting.

3. Aunt Terri's Facebook Status

Terri Iversen / Via Facebook: terri.iversen

To be fair, she is really into tuna salad.

4. Mark Larson, "The Mullet"


This book is business in the front and nothin' but party in the back.

5. Bathroom Guest Book


Read cool messages from previous occupants of the royal throne.

6. Reepah Gud Wah, "The Zen of Farting"


This isn't exactly a train read.

7. Jose Canseco's Twitter Feed

8. David Foster Wallace, "Infinite Jest"


For the long pooper.

9. This Weird Yoga Magazine


How do you even say the title?

10. That Catalogue Addressed To Your Old Roommate


Maybe you do need charcoal bowls.

11. Anna Skinner, "How To Pee Standing Up"


This seems like it would result in an unfortunate mess.

12. Cher's Twitter Feed

13. Dale Power, "DIY Coffin For Pets and People"


For pets AND people? That's upsetting.

14. This Post on BuzzFeed

You are welcome.