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The Five Worst Things About College Move-In

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It feels like you’ve finally found a place for all your things back at home and now it’s time to put it all back into boxes and stuff it into the car. The struggle begins with finding containers to pack with and then becomes a hassle when you realize that if you pack too early you wont have anything to wear for the remaining days but if you wait too long to pack, you will be stressing to get it all done before official move out.



No matter how close or far you live, the drive to get back to school takes forever. If you live close by, you hit major traffic and can double the normal time it takes to get here. However, near-by movers get no sympathy from students living in more remote areas of the state, others states, or even other countries who travel for hours upon hours to get back to school safely and on time.



You’ve finally made it to school! Praise the Lord. But now comes the task of hauling it all up what is bound to be a hot and muggy staircase. You try to stay cheery because you are back at your second home, but your parents keep bringing up the heat and the lack of A/C and your tendency to over pack. When your parents finally leave you relax a bit until you look back at your overwhelmingly cluttered room and realize that the battle is only halfway over.



Your room is a blank canvas! You brought decorating supplies and cute furniture! Everything is perfect. Except that the A/C isn’t working and your desk drawers squeak, and there are wires hanging out of a wall, and by the end of the day you’ve sent in 5 work orders and are contemplating baking the wonderful maintenance crew some cupcakes for all their hard work



The excitement of college was so overwhelming that you got here the first day of move in. What you did not realize was that the college wouldn’t let you use meal swipes until first day of classes. You decide this could be a fresh start on your plan to save money this year and you buy a 6 pack of ramen for a buck and some change. Then your friends start making plans and by Wednesday you’ve spent $50 on food at local restaurants and you still have 5 ramen blocks left. Suspicion builds as to whether the college has a deal with the local businesses forcing us to buy from them until college actually begins.

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