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An Open Letter To My Pillow Pet

Some people have boyfriends, some people have social lives. I have Tyrome.

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Dear Tyrome,

We have been together for almost four years now.

You were there for me for my high school graduation and both of my college graduations. You supported my neck through countless bus rides and car trips because you knew I could barely stay awake long enough to get in the vehicle. You listened when I told you my hopes and dreams and sometimes my confusion and panic at my apparent lack of hopes and dreams. You stayed by my side and sometimes under my head as I sobbed for best friends lost and my many heart breaks.

I love that you don't care when I use you for elbow and wrist support when I use my computer late at night. I love that you smell like home and of comfort and you help calm my many anxiety attacks. I love that you are super chill about croissant crumbs getting caught in your fur when I stress eat in bed. I love that you are my favorite color and that I don't know anyone one else quite like you. I love how even though you know you'll win, you indulge me when I ask to have a staring contest.

I'm so sorry for all the restless nights when I accidentally threw you to the ground. I'm sorry that you have been soaked by tears caused by the broken love I mistakenly continue to hold on to. I'm sorry that your fluff is no longer fluffy and that you have a tear in your back from one too many hugs.

I don't know what the future holds for us. I'm old enough to drink and to have a child and to be married and maybe that means I'm too old for you now. There are new and improved pillow pets that hold dirty laundry and light up like the fourth of July but here are new and improved college graduates, too. Some of them have their own apartment and jobs with health insurance; I've even seen a few with no debt. So maybe we both need to move on and become our best selves. But no matter what happens in life, Tyrome, I want you to know that you were my favorite moose out of all of the world's ... meese (?) and to me, you were always a pillow, a pet; a pillow pet.

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