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11 Reasons Why We All Love Ant & Dec

They've just won Best Entertainment Presenter for the 13th year in a row at the National Television Awards. Rightly so, they're proper canny lads. Here's why we love them so.

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1. They used to be known as PJ and Duncan.

2. And got to hang out with Geoff on Byker Grove (aha aha aha).

3. They were responsible for this musical masterpiece.

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4. Then last year aged 37 they rereleased it and it got to number 1 in the charts.

5. They love each other so much that they live four doors away from each other.

6. They like to play pranks on celebrities like One Direction.

7. And Jeremy Kyle, who they got hook, line and sinker.

8. But always manage to get away with it.

9. They aren't afraid to take the mick out of themselves.

10. Nor to take on a challenge.

11. But most of all, they just really love each other. An awful lot.

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