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Buy a Shirt for Haiti

Please purchase this t-shirt to help the pitiful people of Haiti. It is times like these, when I can use my fame to help the peoples of the world, that I am most proud to be a celebrity.

Piggy Back

I witnessed something very similar to this on the set of the hit 1986 comedy Platoon.

Splooging Dinosaur

Please enjoy this lovingly rendered sculpture of a dinosaur with an ejaculating human penis. If you're into mounted-masturbation art but don't like dinosaurs the artist can also make you a tiger, lion, monkey (nature's humans), etc. (via regretsy)

Fat Woman Too Fat For Horse

Brenda very nearly gets on a horse, but she is so big and fat that she can't even get on the horse. It's too hard, she can't push off enough from the bed of the pickup truck.