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    How Computers Work In The Movies

    Zoom! Enhance!

    E-mails arrive in your inbox letter by letter.

    Or picture by picture.

    Every password can be guessed in a maximum of three tries.

    So it's easy for people to get inside your computer.

    You can always spot a hacker because they wear sunglasses while they work.

    Once they have control of your machine, they'll bombard you with pop-ups.

    Or make everything on your screen go melty.

    When they're not being compromised by hackers, there's almost nothing Hollywood computers can't do. They can see through walls at the touch of a button.

    And create wobbly blue maps of entire cities with their secret sonar powers.

    They can enhance heavily pixelated black-and-white CCTV pictures.

    With the proper software, they can even rotate static images by 90-degree angles.

    And if you ever need to find something out, they're full of authentic-looking search engines you can use.

    But alas, computers are not invincible. Like us, they can be destroyed with a single bullet.

    Even if it only hits the monitor.

    Still, at least computers in the movies are more realistic than the technology they have on TV.