13 "Big Brother" Contestants You’d Forgotten Ever Existed

These people were TV stars for a whole summer. You probably won’t remember a single one of them.

1. Herjender “Gos” Gosal

Gos was on Big Brother 4. Or as it is affectionately known ‘Big Brother Snore’. He spent his summer belly-down on a beanbag. And we watched him.

2. Nicola Holt

Nicola’s claims to fame includes appearing on the first ever Big Brother and releasing the first ever Big Brother-themed sex tape. Classy.

3. Rachel Rice

She allegedly won a series of Big Brother. We must have been washing our hair that year.

4. Dale Howard

This man claims to be from Big Brother 9. We’re also fairly certain that he served us at Pizza Express last week.

5. Mario Marconi

Despite that jawline and the melted Sly Stallone waxwork looks, we wouldn’t recognise Mario even if he slapped us in the face with his hair gel collection.

6. Maysoon Shaladi

Maysoon went into the Big Brother House with a mission to change model stereotypes. She spent 26 days in the house, not saying much. She then did photoshoots in her underwear. Mission accomplished.

7. Nush Nowak

We all loved Nush. She was amazing. With the thing. And the thing. And when she said the other thing.

8. Science

A self-styled “entertainment entrepreneur” and the man with the silliest name in TV history.

9. Sandy Cumming

In Big Brother 3, he urinated in the house bin and then legged it over the garden wall. He’s never been heard or seen since.

10. Sissy Rooney

Sissy from Big Brother 4. About as memorable as a repeat of Last Of The Summer Wine.

11. Spiral

A wannabe hip-hop star with a face for Crimewatch, we’d bet a fiver that Spiral is now working at JD Sports.

12. Sada Wilkington

The first Big Brother housemate to be evicted in the first ever series. She wanted to be a TV presenter. She isn’t.

13. Jonty Stern

A cuddly toy-lover who spent most of his time on the show chatting to his teddy Munkety Tunkety. After Big Brother he tried to become a Lib Dem councillor. Would you trust this man with your coucil tax? Neither would we.

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