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    How Edward Scissorhands Has Similar Character Traits To An Autistic Person

    This article is going to describe how Edward Scissorhands has similar character traits to an autistic person. Note: This is just character traits, not an actual diagnosis. Let's dive in shall we.

    1. Edward Does Not Talk Much


    Edward Scissorhands does not talk much. This is how the character was written in the script. The way the script was written was to show the idea of isolation and the times that when Edward does not have to say much. Few words can leave an impact on not only to show creativity, also real emotion when fell in love with Kim. Autistic people are real people too with emotions and feelings they like to express.

    2. Edward Is Soft-Spoken, But Is Very Straight Forward


    When Edward does talk, he is very soft-spoken and straight forward. Edward is very sincere in his talk because of his sweet yet vulnerable nature. In a way, he is a hopeless romantic. There are also times when he does not understand idioms or figures of speech because of his isolation from the outside world. There are also times, after an awkward incident, he just say the incident just as it is. That is pretty much how an autistic person in general.

    3. Edward Is Very Creative

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    Even with the isolation and the soft-spoken nature of Edward, he is very creative. He can sculpt shrubs, sculpt ice, cut dog's hair, and cut up women's hair. He shows creative skills by studying the person's personalty and to match the person's style. Even with isolation, autistic people are very creative people. They can probably surprise you with an amazing poem, drawing, or fashion design.

    4. Edward Is A Little Bit Socially Awkward

    Mackenzie Kruvant / Via

    Edward has a little bit socially awkward moments during the movie. Sometimes he does not know what to do in a situation that he is not familiar with. From the beginning of the movie when he left the mansion to the end of the movie when he had to say goodbye to Kim after that kiss. The times where he was socially awkward, he can be the most adorable guy (even with scissorhands). Autistic people has this tendency. Be kind to them and let them be themselves.

    5. Edward Has His Stemming Moments


    During the course of the movie, Edward has his moments where he stems. In the movie, he stems when he sees Kim with her jerk of a boyfriend and the times when has flashbacks with the time with the professor. The death of the professor was something that was very overwhelming for him. Stemming can either be very bad when it is not dealt with or it could be a good thing so the person with autism can learn how to cope and move on with life.

    6. Edward Has A Pattern


    Edward has a pattern for his life. Before he left the mansion, he had a pattern of his day keeping the mansion in order. Once he left his mansion, he had to adjust to another place and have to get used of the pattern of his new life. At the end of the movie, he went back to the mansion and resume back to his pattern except with the nostalgia of memories of the family that loved him and the girl he fell in love with. Autism has a funny way for people to have patterns and have to stick with what is comfortable. Sometimes it is better to get out of your comfort zone.

    7. Finally, Edward Has Feelings


    Edward has shown some feelings that any normal person would express, except a little bit later on. He has expressed sad, happy, mad (in more of an anger sense), hopefulness, and love. Majority of the time he expressed his feelings is by something he created. Autistic people have feelings, just let them express themselves when they need to and you would be happy to see the results when something is created either by drawing, poetry, song, or in a stylish outfit.

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