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    10 Things That Annoy Charity Communicators

    Jobs eh? What are they like? There’s that guy who never makes tea, the person with the ridiculous sneeze and all manner of other irritants. We asked charity communicators for the most annoying thing about their work. Here are 10 of them.

    Everyone thinks they're a comms person. They're not.


    You’re the person who gets asked all the questions, across all areas of the organisation's work. (In fairness, you usually know the answers).

    Colleagues who think because they learnt the alphabet when they were a child, they can write better than you.


    The lack of investment in communications coupled with high expectations for outputs.


    Getting criticised if something doesn't work but none of the praise if it does.


    Having to present shocking findings/failings in a conciliatory manner so as not to upset the government of the day.


    "What do you do?" "I work in communications for a charity." "Oh, so you just volunteer?"


    Middle-aged, middle-class white man goes camping for charity is NOT a PR story, and no I won’t Tweet Bear Grylls asking for advice.

    News outlets always wanting "sob" stories rather than something positive.

    When one person has worked for years on a communication strategy and leaves taking all of the content with them.

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