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    • chantillehuff

      I believe that family members are connected spiritually. This happened a few years ago. One morning before work I was talking to my mother. I could hear my stepfather tell her bye and reminded her to lock the door after him. We stayed on the phone for another 20 minutes before she locked the door. I asked her why she waited so long. She said that she “had nothing to worry about at their new place, so she doesn’t run to lock the door when he leaves”. I asked her to be more diligent about locking the door. She said she would.  Cut to a couple of nights later. I was laying in bed for about 15 minutes falling asleep, but before your body relaxes. In the quiet, dark room I heard my mother call my name in a panicked whisper into my ear. I could practically feel my hair move. I jumped up. Turned on the light. Called my mother’s phone and my stepfather’s phone - no answer. Called and left voicemails with my grandmother and brother to be cautious for no real reason, but I heard mom’s voice calling for me. I called my mom again- no answer, but left a message to be careful and to lock the door when my stepfather leaves in the morning. I was woken up the next morning by mother. She was upset. She said that she got my message when she woke up. She made sure to follow my stepfather to the door and lock the door after him. Just a few minutes after he left the property, a man was beating on the door, struggling to open the door handle. He was yelling to her to “open the door bitch, to let him in”. She yelled he was at the wrong door. He was sure the he wasn’t and he wanted in. She warned him she was armed. He stopped for a moment and began again even more forcefully. He left after she assured him that she would defend herself at any cost. She said she wouldn’t have locked the door immediately if I hadn’t left a message saying that I heard her voice calling for help.

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