#snOMG NC Senator Becomes Legislation Of One

Jeff Jackson of District 37 in Charlotte, NC has spent the North Carolina Snowmeggedon alone in the General Assembly updating us on his 0-1 votes as #JustOneLegislator

1. It started out pretty normal.

Jeff Jackson Facebook / Via facebook.com

2. Then, the Senator got the idea to take advantage of his newfound power.

Jeff Jackson Facebook / Via facebook.com

3. And that’s when he really got rolling, and this legislation of one started getting some shit DONE.

4. Spearheading a progessive NC for all.

5. The Senator would let nothing stand in his way.

6. And people started to take notice.

7. Including the lobbyists…

8. Hopefully we’ll see more throughout the day, and thank you Jeff Jackson, for an amazing start to this NC #snOMG.

Check out his Facebook and Twitter.

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