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    31 Things For Anyone Who Doesn’t Want To Sweat This Summer But Refuses To Wear A Dress

    If you hate heat but you also hate dresses, you've come to the right place.

    We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Some may have been sent as samples, but all opinions and reviews are our own. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

    1. Cotton belted linen pants with a relaxed fit that won't stick to your body when it's sweltering hot. Reviewers swear these bottoms are super breathable!

    Reviewer wearing cotton wide leg pant with belt

    2. A floral flared polka dot skirt so that on a breezy summer night, you can get your iconic Marilyn Monroe moment sans the white dress.

    3. A high-waisted checkerboard printed mini-skirt which gives your legs room to breathe. This piece proves you never have to sacrifice comfort for style.

    Model wearing checkerboard printed mini-skirt

    4. A chic open-front tie knot crop that you can wear over a bikini at a pool party — or over a cami it if gets a little chilly, or even on it's own during a heatwave.

    Reviewer wearing white top

    5. A stylish and breathable off-shoulder romper you can pair with a blazer for work and then ditch it when it's time for happy hour with your co-workers. Oh, and did I mention it has pockets?

    6. Summer-approved, high-waisted yoga shorts that are more comfortable to work out in than leggings that typically hug every part of your lower body, because these give you some some extra room to breathe.

    Reviewer wearing black biker shorts

    7. A printed pencil skirt with a high slit that provides ventilation, even though it will fit you like a glove.

    8. A unitard that's a two for one gift from the ~summer gods.~ There's a built in bra and comfy bike shorts that's stretchy and lightweight.

    Model wearing black unitard

    9. A lace sleeveless tank top to add a bit of flair to the original tee. Throw it on when you have somewhere to go that doesn't require anything fancy but you don't want to be too casual, either.

    10. A V-neck romper jumpsuit so you can slip into it in record-breaking time. Throw a blazer on top for a cozy business casual look that's also office appropriate.

    Reviewer wearing blue romper

    11. Levi's women's 501 original shorts that will feel like they were custom made for you because these bottoms are stretchy and soft. TL;DR: They'll give you a snug hug and conform to your shape without without making you feel sweltering hot.

    Reviewer wearing Levi's women's 501 original shorts

    12. A high-waist split wide-leg pant which will make you feel like you're on a stage with your own personal fan, blowing your outfit and luscious locks while you're walking down the street on a breezy summer day.

    Reviewer wearing striped high waist split leg pants

    13. Overalls that are spacious with deep pockets, which allow you the freedom to move, bend, and stretch without feeling squeezed in because of the loose fit.

    Reviewer wearing dark overalls

    14. A sheer long sleeved ruched crop top because *I* just know this was designed to be a bathing suit cover up. This bohemian piece just screams I'm a free spirit who lives on the beach without a care in the world.

    Reviewer wearing shorts, sandals, and white top

    15. Jean overalls so you can look like the most adorable farmer on earth. Plus, you'll feel as cool and comfy as a baby in a onesie with this lightweight no-hassle ensemble.

    Reviewer wearing overall shorts

    16. A flowy maxi skirt with, you guessed it, POCKETS! This adorable piece is snug at the waist but airy at the bottom so it'll give you that barely-there feeling.

    Reviewer wearing orange skirt

    17. A cotton racerback tank top that's for hiking up Runyon Canyon or just for snapping a photo on the 'gram — either way, you'll look amazing and feel comfortable.

    Women wearing green racerback tee

    18. Mid-rise emerald-printed wide-leg pants to take relaxation to the next level. They're stretchy and flared on the bottom so each step will feel like walking on air.

    Model wearing pants

    19. A comfy casual T-shirt that will be the foundation of 99% of your summer outfits because it's the clothing equivalent of water — aka it will take on the style of whatever else you are wearing. Dress it down with jeans/leggings or up with a blazer and heels because this classic item definitely knows how to play its part.

    Reviewer wearing striped crew neck tee

    20. A romper because onesies are not only convenient, but they are super cute and the loose fit will help you beat the heat.

    Rviewer wearing the light yellow and white floral romper with a cinched middle and halter neckline

    21. A V-neck spaghetti strap crop top that provides comfort and support without any wires and can be paired with shorts, jeans, or a skirt. (Psst, go snatch these up in every available hue before I do).

    Reviewer wearing black spaghetti strap top

    22. Drawstring tie-dye pants you'll run all your errands in and then lounge around. These shorts scream "my style is effortless no matter what I happen to be doing for the day."

    Reviewer wearing tie dye summer shorts

    23. A two-piece short and crop top set that will be glued to your body this summer because it's so darn beautiful. Plus, this stunner can be worn separately — wear the top with shorts or the bottom with a white tee.

    Reviewer wearing two piece crop top and short set

    24. A floral puff sleeve blouse which will get you style points on Zoom or the office. It's the perfect little top that says I mean business, but I'm still tons of fun.

    Reviewer wearing floral print ruffle top

    25. High-waisted rolled denim shorts that are all the rage because of the super loose fit and elastic waist which makes it comfortable and breathable — plus, it comes with a belt!

    Reviewer wearing high waisted jean short

    26. A one-shoulder bow tie peplum top you can take out your closet if you ever see a TikTok that says "tell me you're from New York, without actually telling me you're from New York" then put this on and start filming so they know you're from the style capital of the US.

    27. High-waisted adjustable bow shorts which are perfect for a picnic or a walk in the park. Plus, they have pockets so you can go bag-free the entire summer.

    Reviewer wearing bow waist tike knot shorts with pockets

    28. Hand tie-dyed orange and black sweatpants which are made from cotton and french terry (two of the most lightweight and comfortable fabrics in existence) so they're super soft and perfect for summer when you're tired of wearing shorts and skirts.

    Model wearing orange and black sweatpants

    29. An asymmetrical striped skirt that Tim Gunn and the Project Runway judges panel would approve of. Save this for special occasions when you really want to turn heads.

    Model wearing striped skirt

    30. A long sleeve tee that's unbelievably perfect for a heatwave because it offers 50+ SPF, helps your body stay cool, and wicks away moisture.

    Reviewer wearing blue shirt on boat

    31. A textured jumpsuit so flowy and loose, you might not even feel like you're wearing anything at all. The spaghetti straps and wide-leg pants will make sure you feel breezy even when there's a record-breaking heatwave.

    Model wearing beige jumpsuit

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