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    27 Inexpensive Home Decor Items That Look Like They Cost A Fortune

    Bamboo lighting fixtures, a sculpture, and more all for less than the cost of your weekly groceries.

    1. A melting heart wall mirror so you can make your home look like an expensive art installation. This beautiful piece will spice up empty walls and bland spaces.

    Red outlined mirror on white wall

    2. A sculpted female figure vase that belongs in The Louvre. This ultimate accent piece is an instant conversation starter and can be used to hold anything tbh.

    3. A macchiato faux cowhide area rug which is perfect for the person who knows zilch about interior design. Adding this rug to an otherwise empty room will immediately upgrade the vibe, plus you can keep the rest of the room simple because this bold piece will steal the show.

    Area rug in room

    4. A cloud shaped acrylic mirror — It can make an empty room look chic. Not only will it help you take Insta-worthy selfies but it's a fabulous piece of decor for under 20 bucks.

    5. Hanging bamboo pendant lights that'll instantly transport you to a water villa in Thailand. These are handwoven from repurposed fishing traps, come in multiple colors, shapes, and sizes so you can tailor it to the rest of your decor.

    Two hanging bamboo pendant lights

    6. Polished geode agate bookends which are just begging to make an appearance in the background of your next Zoom meeting. If books are the whipped cream of great decor, than these bookends are the cherry on top.

    7. A 12" x 24" hanging window desk to get you a perfect scenic view while you pretend to not stress over your impending deadlines. You can lay your laptop on it for a maximum of three to four hours of bliss at a time.

    A wooden desk hung up by ropes and suction to a window with a laptop on it

    8. A sturdy macrame hammock swing chair that will make you feel like a Disney Princess as you relax and sway back and forth. It can be hung indoors or outdoors, and is the perfect addition if you're looking for decor that is functional and chic.

    9. Hanging flower pots for anyone who loves minimalist decor but still wants to be a plant parent. You can still keep your space green and modest with these.

    Two black planters hanging from ceiling

    10. Magnetic decorative garage door accents because decor is not just for the inside of your home. These faux pieces make a plain door look chic. Reviewers say these look extremely authentic!

    11. Ceramic lip planters which will surely make a statement. This looks fab with *or* without the plant and is the perfect nightstand or bookstand decor.

    Model holding the red lips planter which has a plant inside

    12. A marble adhesive film that will make your home look like a palace. I personally used these on my drab bathroom and counters, and it looked like a luxury apartment afterwards. (Psst, when I took it off there was no damage and I got my full deposit back).

    13. An abstract figurine sculpture, which looks like it belongs in the MoMA. You can use this alone as decor or get two to use as bookends.

    Reviewer's sculpture sitting on shelf

    14. A hand-sculpted wooden bowl with endless style possibilities. It can hold a variety of things including jewelry, plants, and pens — plus it'll make it look like a work of art!

    15. A decorative pillow that will make your living room look like it was staged by a real estate agent. They are easy on the eyes, well-made, and super comfortable.

    Blue and navy pillow on cream couch

    16. A wall-mounted industrial plumbing bookshelf which will make even the tiniest apartment feel like a huge Brooklyn loft. You can choose your color so it'll go with any room in your house, plus this is guaranteed to impress your coworkers on Zoom.

    A plumbing styled book shelf

    17. Marble coasters that will make guests feel like they're at a swanky bar and ensure your tables stay in tip-top shape. Since these double as decor, you can leave them sprawled out so you won't ever have to yell "use a darn coaster!" to anyone again.

    Reviewer's marble coaster on wooden table top

    18. A stained glass window decal to make it look like there is always a rainbow shining through your house. Positive vibes + beautiful scenery = a home you will never want to leave.

    Reviewer light shining through reviewer's translucent rainbow film window; the coating on the film makes the window shine with different muted colors

    19. A wire sculpture with a minimalist irregular face design that will be an instant hit with guests and a conversation starter.

    Black wire sculpture in the shape of an abstract face

    20. A pair of two stunning vases which look handmade. These are definitely worthy of being centerpieces at your wedding and your fancy (just for guests) dining room table.

    Reviewer vases on table with flowers in them

    21. A ceramic hands catch all tray that looks like the jewelry is handing it straight to you. Placing your necklace, candles, and any other miscellaneous items will instantly make them look like an interesting piece of decor.

    Non-pigmented concrete catchall dish holding earrings

    22. An under-cabinet wineglass rack which will make your kitchen look like a fancy Italian winery. The installation process is quick and easy — just mount the rack to the bottom of your cabinet with the included supplies. Plus, it'll save space in your cupboards and keep them organized.

    Reviewer wine racks in use in kitchen

    23. A beautiful floral stick-and-peel wallpaper that will leave you mesmerized because of how beautiful it looks. And even when winter comes, this will keep summer on your mind.

    Bright colorful floral wallpaper

    24. A ceramic vase with a minimalist irregular face design to make guests think that you've commissioned an artist to hand paint your decor.

    reviewer photo of the white vase on table

    25. A gold-lined mirrored tray to make budget beauty items look high-end. Who's swiping on $4 liquid lipstick? You are! But who will feel like royalty when they do so? Also you!

    Tray on counter with perfume and makeup inside

    26. A stunning floor-length mirror that will completely steal the show with its elegant silver mosaic design. It'll put an Insta-worthy spin on your mirror selfies while making your space look bigger and brighter.

    Reviewer photo of mirror in home

    27. Floating gold ring glass shelves that will make your home look like a high-end showroom. Be prepared for guests to ask "how much?" for your design services.

    Floating glass shelves

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