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Here's Where To Buy A Gift Card For The Style And Beauty Lovers On Your List

Don't stress over your too-hard-to-shop-for loved ones, we've got you covered.

We hope you love the products we recommend! All of them were independently selected by our editors. Just so you know, BuzzFeed may collect a share of sales or other compensation from the links on this page if you decide to shop from them. Oh, and FYI — prices are accurate and items in stock as of time of publication.

1. Alo Yoga is a one-stop shop for fashionable and functional athleisure and outerwear. Instead of making an educated guess on what they'd like, just email them this gift card so they can purchase items they already saved to their cart.

Alo Yoga

Price range: $50–$1,000

See more products from Alo Yoga, get a digital gift card here, and the jacket.

2. Glossier is the best for folks who prefer a clean look that takes less than five seconds to do. Plus, they have nonirritating skincare, so if you do decide to ditch the makeup, you'll still have clear, glowy skin.

Model applying lidstar to eyelids

Price range: $15–$200

See more products from Glossier, get a digital gift card here, and the Lidstar.

3. Urban Outfitters is awesome because they have thousands of cool, unique finds — plus their beauty section has some big-time brands like Ouai and Benefit Cosmetics.

Urban Outfitters

Price range: $25–$1,000

See more products from Urban Outfitters, get a digital gift card here, and the purse.

4. Target...because what don't they have? But the more important question is what do they have — and that's some quality skincare and beauty products for a great price. Plus, they have some pretty stylish clothes and shoes.

Bottle of face wash on towel on blue table

Price range: $5–$500

See more products from Target, get a digital gift card here, and the La Roche-Posay face wash.

5. Beginning Boutique will have them covered from workouts to NYE parties. If they need something for a holiday dinner or a date? Beginning Boutique has got it!

Model wearing green sweater on bed
Beginning Boutique

Beginning Boutique is a woman-owned small business based in Brisbane, Australia.

Price range: $50–$1,000

See more products from Beginning Boutique, get a digital gift card here, and the sweater.

6. E.l.f. will keep their beauty cabinet stocked for years to come. This bubbly brand has skincare and beauty items for under 5 bucks! Hmm, maybe you should just keep this one for yourself...

Chantel Turner / BuzzFeed

Price range: $50–$250

See more products from E.l.f., get a digital gift card here, and the lipstick.

7. American Eagle has been a staple for decades because of their stylish basics. They have women's, men's, intimates, shoes, and accessories, so there's no way this gift card will go to waste.

Model wearing ripped blue jeans
American Eagle

Price range: $5–$500

See more products from American Eagle, get a digital gift card here, and the jeans.

8. Tarte Cosmetics offers full-coverage beauty items that guarantee a flawless, natural finish. Plus, they have a ton of shades so your bestie will be sure to find their perfect match.


Price range: $5–$500

See more products from Tarte, get a digital gift card here, and the concealer.

9. Anthropologie is a dreamy store that's beautiful enough to live in. Every item (whether it be clothes, shoes, and accessories or beauty and wellness) is high quality and chic — you'll definitely win some points for gifting them this.

Model wearing white topper

Price range: $25–$2,000

See more products from Anthropologie, get a digital gift card here, and the topper.

10. Luv Scrub products give you a spa-like exfoliation as often as you'd like. The mesh is tough enough to last for months but *still* manages to be gentle enough for sensitive skin.

Luv Scrub

The Luv Scrub is a Black- and woman-owned small business based of in Brooklyn, New York. They sell a collection of exfoliating body scrubbers!

Price range: $18

See more products from Luv Scrub, get a digital gift card here, and the mesh body exfoliator.

11. Free People is a treasure trove of clothes, shoes, and accessories that are eclectic, cool, and always in style. If your friend is total fashionista, you'll make their holiday amazing with this gift card.

Model wearing orange set
Free People

Price range: $25–$1,500

See more products from Free People, get a digital gift card here, and the sweater and short set.

12. Nyx is a not-so-well-kept secret. It's where the MUA pro's go to get quality makeup for a fraction of the price: The shades are highly pigmented, the quality is great, and your friend will forever be indebted to you.


Price range: $50–$1,000

See more products from Nyx, get a digital gift card here, and the high-shine lip trio.

13. Nisolo has quality shoes that will last for years. You won't have to worry about nicks, cuts, and holes. Trust me, these fancy shoes are worth every penny.

Model wearing Chelsea boots

Price range: $25–$1,000

See more products from Nisolo, get a digital gift card here, and the boots.

14. Foxy Bae can turn a novice into a beautician, stat. This shop offers high-quality hair products that'll make your friend feel as if they've just left the salon with every at-home blow-dry.

the products
Foxy Bae

Foxy Bae is small business based in Los Angeles, California. they sell a multitude of hair and beauty products.

Price range: $25–$500

See more products from Foxy Bae, get a digital gift card here, and the holiday blowout gift set.

15. Grace Eleyae is a Black woman–owned brand that debuted after the founder experienced excessive breakage. This line specializes in silk- and satin-lined headwear that can be worn throughout all seasons as sleep-, lounge-, and outerwear.

Model wearing beige beret
Grace Eleyae

I personally own one of their satin-lined caps and it has changed my life. My scarf never stayed on my head throughout the night so I always experienced frizz in the morning. I adjust this cap with the hidden drawstrings and haven't experienced that problem since I started using it. The cap is also perfect for rainy, windy, or humid days. A traditional hat without the satin/silk allows the humidity to seep under and cause major frizz or leave me with the dreaded 'hat hair.' With the Grace Eleyae cap, I can style my hair before placing the cap on, and when I get to my destination and take it off, it looks exactly as I styled it.

Price range: $15–$150

See more products from Grace Eleyae, get a digital gift card here, and the beret.

16. Sephora will have your loved one feeling like a kid in a candy store. They have fragrances, makeup, hair products, skincare, and you can even get your look done by a professional.

Perfume on petals and rocks

Price range: $10–$250

See more products from Sephora, get a digital gift card here, and the perfume.

17. Rebdolls was founded by Grisel Paula, a Dominican Republic–born entrepreneur who moved to New York to start modeling. After realizing how limited plus-size fashion offerings were, she decided to start her own line specializing in clothing, loungewear, and accessories.

Model wearing blue jumpsuit

Price range: $10–$150

See more products from Rebdolls, get a digital gift card here, and the dress.

18. Sister's Uptown Bookstore sells a plethora of books geared toward teaching African American history. They have some well-known authors, poets, and books on inclusivity.

Front of book cover
Sister's Uptown Bookstore

Price range: $20–Custom Amount

See more products from Sister's Uptown Bookstore, get a digital gift card here, and the book.

19. Asos has clothing that looks like it just came off the runway but for a fraction of the price. Plus, they have sportswear and beauty items so the giftee will be all set for the season.

Model wearing burgundy dress

Price range: $25–$250

See more products from Asos, get a digital gift card here, and the dress.

20. Ulta is a place packed with a multitude of brands: They'll be able find Nar, Wet N' Wild, and everything in between.


Price range: $1–$500

See more products from Ulta, get a digital gift card here, and the makeup sampler set.

21. Wear Diop sells the most beautifully designed accessories, outerwear, and clothes — plus their models show how to creatively style it. They'll look like off-duty models with these well-made printed garments.

Model wearing scarf over head
Wear Diop

Wear Diop is a small Nigerian-owned business. They sell intricately designed printed clothes and accessories. The brand was founded by a first-generation American designer who takes inspiration from his culture to design his products.

Price range: $25–$100

See more products from Wear Diop, get a digital gift card here, and the scarf.

22. Bomba Curls will bring out the best in their hair. The products range from oil to gummies to wraps, so no matter what condition their tresses are in, it's bound to get better.

Bottles of oil next to coffee beans on white table
Bomba Curls

Bomba Curls was created by Afro-Dominicana Lulu Corder and makes products that aim to help curly hair grow and stay healthy. This oil is cruelty free!

Price range: $10-$28

See more products from Bomba Curls, get a digital gift card here, and the hair oil.

23. Forever 21 has been a staple in the fashion community for years because they offer trendy, affordable clothes for every style preference.

Model wearing cuban link chain
Forever 21

Price range: $10–$150

See more products from Forever 21, get a digital gift card here, and the necklace.

24. Amazon is the most amazing site because your friend could search for "a hair contraption that gives you a fabulous blowout and vacuums the floor" and there would be multiple results. Plus, they have brand-name makeup and affordable gorgeous clothes.,

Price range: $25–Custom

See more products from Amazon, get a digital gift card here, the mascara, and the leggings.

25. Kin is a Black woman–owned small business. They sell clothing, accessories, hairstyling products, and bedding lined with super-soft satin.

Model wearing sweater

Kin is a Black woman–owned business that sells hoodies, haircare items, shea butter, and satin pillowcases.

Price range: $50–$1,000

See more products from Kin, get a digital gift card here, and the sweater.

26. Skims is the perfect place to get a gift card for your Kardashian-loving friend. Nude underwear, slips, loungewear, and shapewear are theirs for the taking.

Model wearing corset and panties

Price range: $25–$150

See more products from Skims, get a digital gift card here, and the corset dress.

27. Revolve is *the* online store for that friend who was born to be a socialite or a fashionista. When it comes to predicting trends, they are better than Miranda Priestly.

Model wearing beige fur long sweater

Price range: $25–$500

See more products from Revolve, get a digital gift card here, and the jacket.

28. Etsy has handmade jewelry, beauty products, clothes, accessories, home decor, food — I could go on and on. They will definitely find something unique and useful on this wonderful site.

Body scrub on marble table
Uniquely Bath Co. / Etsy

Etsy is a marketplace that allows local artisans to sell their products. Most are handmade and can range from anything to clothes and accessories to home decor and body care.

Price range: $25–$250

See more products from Esty, get a digital gift card here, and the body scrub.

29. Boohoo offers chic sets and trendy pieces that'll keep 'em scrolling through for hours and hours.

Model wearing sequin pink dress

Price range: $10–$150

See more products from Boohoo, get a digital gift card here, and the dress.

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