Watch 80 Years Of Women's Eyewear In 120 Seconds

    See the past through one woman's eyes.

    Fashion has changed dramatically over the past 80 years, including eyewear and sunglasses. Take a trip through the last 80 years of eye fashion in under three minutes.

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    The 1930s called for thin, hexagonal glasses and round sunglasses.

    The classic cat eye rose to fame in the 1940s along with those amazing shades.

    After the war, aviators were all the rage and a more industrial-looking cat eye.

    Jackie O took the fashion world by storm influencing ladies everywhere with those round hater-blockers.

    The 1970s called for funky, oversized glasses to match everyone's big personalities.

    10 years later, the shades needed to match the bright pops of color flowing through the '80s.

    The 1990s were all about those boss thin, round frames.

    With the invasion of the prepsters and those Paris Hilton vibes, big, blinged-out shades were everywhere.

    Finally, today's eyewear takes a little bit from the past and mixes it with the style of the future.

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