These Women Tried Makeup That Just Happened To Be Edible And It Was Disgusting

    "It tastes... like glue."

    Y'all, we've eaten makeup before, and it was pretty damn nasty. But since there are always new products out there to test (or I guess, eat), we figured we'd give it another go. Because why not!!!

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    We do a lot of stuff that doesn't make a lot of sense. One is us eating makeup for this video. Another is Kristin wearing an inexplicable wig (which you'll see in a future vid).

    Oh and by the way – we weren't testing "edible" makeup per say, but rather just makeup that wouldn't kill us.

    With that said, let the games begin! Our first test was Bite Beauty's "Whipped Cherry Lip Scrub."

    And despite that fact that it looked like a delicious barbie-sized yogurt, it sure didn't taste like it.

    Next up was RMS Beauty's "Buriti Bronzer."

    And even though our tongues were as bronze as you in 7th grade after using too much Jergen's natural glow, our stomachs were NOT feeling it.

    Next up was Intelligent Nutrients' antioxidant gloss.

    The one got the critical acclaim from the ladies as "not as bad as the rest."

    Moving along with the bar set low, we tried Antonym's eye liner.

    And well... yeah, it pretty much just tasted like a crayon.

    So Lady-tested. Yes. Lady approved? Nah. More like, Lady-why-the-fuck-did-we-do-that?