12 Signs That You’re In Your Feelings About Graduating.

At one point, you couldn’t WAIT to graduate from school. You might have even had a countdown clock, or drew a huge circle around your graduation date on your Beyonce calendar *raises hand*. But as the date draws near, you’ve began to develop anxiety and wish you could JUST STOP TIME.

1. Looking through every single photo you have ever taken in college.


2. Walking aimlessly around campus just to take in your last few weeks as a student.

Because why wouldn’t you want to randomly visit the architecture building and reflect on life?

3. Meeting up with every friend you’ve ever made in college, because you don’t know when you’ll see them again.

Scroll through that contact list, you have lunch dates to set up.

4. Your parents are beginning to prepare for your return back home and you’re just like:

Mom, Dad. You tried it.

5. The thought of working a 9 to 5 is mind-blowing and absurd.

Like, how is that even possible?

6. You’ve already tried on your cap and gown and stared at yourself in the mirror with disbelief.

Who is this person in the mirror though?! I cant.

7. You’ve sent your resume to so many jobs that you’re convinced they’ve all made a pact to ignore you.

Wait, just kidding. WE BOTH NEED EACH OTHER! Hire me?

8. You’ve actually considered staying in school an extra year just to put off joining the real world and becoming an adult.

Peter Pan, you have never lied.

9. The thought of saying goodbye to your close friends is unbearable.

10. You’ve laughed at the fact that you’re going to have to start paying back your student loans soon.

Oh you’re cute Sallie Mae. REAL CUTE.

11. Coming to terms with the fact that you have no idea what the future holds.

But I do know what today holds, and it consists of Happy Hour & Netflix. HOLLA.

12. Realizing that your experiences in college have made you the person you are today, and how much better you are for it.

Even though graduation may seem like the SCARIEST THING IN THE WORLD. Don’t fret, you’ve made it this far. And you have so much life to live. Now stop crying and go apply for a job.

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