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The 7 Stages Of Post Grad As Told By Beyoncé

Life after college can be an emotional roller coaster, and Beyoncé totally gets it.

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1. Excitement

BeyoncésHalo / Via

Let me raise a class for the college grads! At last, the day you have been waiting for! Graduation day is here and nothing has ever been more exciting. You made it through those pesky MWF 8 AMs, that weird roommate, and your advisor who did everything but advise you. You’ve found a way to look cute in the monstrosity that is your cap and gown, your parents are extremely proud, and you’ll never have to see another finals week again!* Congrats, grad! It’s time to celebrate.

*Unless you’re headed to grad school, that is.

This short stage only lasts from May to June…July if you’re lucky.

2. Sadness

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After all of the hoopla of graduating settles down, you are forced with the realization that you are no longer a college student. Is it really all over?!?! No more free food opportunities or ordering pizza after that night out. Say goodbye to meeting your friends on the Quad and using the “I’m a senior” excuse for skipping class…again. During this time, you will get emotional looking at graduation photos while saying things like "Where did the time go?" and "I can't believe we graduated!!!1!"

*This stage is ongoing and tends to fluctuate throughout the others.

3. Denial

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In Early September, something strange will start to happen. Your Instagram feed will be filled with Back to School selfies and tailgate group photos you're not in. Excuse me, what do you mean I'm not a student anymore?

At this point, you will try to convince yourself that it's not over. You'll gaze lovingly over the cute items in the Target Dorm section and reminisce on the "good old days" until everyone is sick of you. But what do they know? It's not over until you say it is! To make this stage even worse, your degree will be mailed to your home right around this time, making it even more difficult to cope.

*This stage will ends once you remember you don't miss having classes or all.

4. Jealousy

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With post grad comes the inevitable job search. Everyone that has a job will make sure you know it. Just like that, an innocent scroll on your Facebook newsfeed can automatically ruin your day. You were almost there with accepting your unemployment status! You'll congratulate Jane Doe on her job offer, all while reaching for your emergency wine bottle and Kleenex.

*This stage ends once you find a job of your own...whenever that happens.

5. Loneliness

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Surprise! Your college friends no longer live down the street from you and can't be bothered anymore for 3 AM text exchanges when you think the world is ending. Although technology makes it easier to keep in touch, your cellphone can't replace your best friend! Yea, bonding with your parents can be fun at times, but your social life just isn't the same anymore.

Warning: This stage gets worse if you're addicted to social media. Log out of Snap Chat now, and quickly deactivate your Facebook! Until you get it together, that is.

6. Hopeful

Lipstick Alley / Via

Carrying a chip on your shoulder can get exhausting! You don't have time for a negative attitude anymore. So what if you're still living with your parents? Maybe all you had for dinner was Ramen! It's not the end of the world, and life will get better. It's time to keep your head up and stay positive. Beyoncé didn't get to where she was by complaining all the time!

*This stage comes and goes in waves, and can also be mixed up with Denial.

7. Acceptance

Her Campus / Via

After months of ups and downs, one glorious morning you'll wake up unfazed. College is behind you, and you're finally on to bigger and better things. Of course a piece of you will always be with your alma mater! However, you've learned to cope and have accepted this thing called adulthood. Beyoncé told you to be ***Flawless, and damn it, you will be if it's the last thing you do!

**Few make it to this stage. It is also known as "The Lost Stage," because not many people can find it.

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