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10 Books You'll Love Based On Fall's TV Lineup

Dust off your bookshelf and add these faves based on upcoming fall TV premieres.

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1. If you love The Mindy Project, you should read Year of the Chick by Romi Moondi.

Mindy Lahiri is the pop-culture obsessed, witty, and incredibly blunt main character of Hulu's The Mindy Project. Mindy's career as an obstetrician is her first love, but she doesn't shy away from dating. She's gone through a number of hilariously failed relationships all that have led to the one and only, Danny Castellano. Mindy's love life is quite similar to that of Romi Norindra, heroine of Year of The Chick. In this novel written by Romi Moondi, Romi's parents are set out to choose her husband, but she's not having any of it. In a quest to find the perfect man, she goes through a series of unsuitable bachelors. "From whiskey-breath scum bags to uni-brow creeps and everything in between, Romi and her wingmen come up empty time after time." When she meets a fellow writer online, will he be the one she's looking for or will she have to succumb to her parents' wishes? This novel is unashamedly chick-lit and would be perfect for Dr. Lahiri to read during breaks at the hospital.

2. If love House of DVF, you should read The Dud Avocado by Elaine Dundy

Diane von Furstenberg is bringing back her fashion empire to the little screen. House of DVF sets out to find Furstenberg's next brand ambassador and season one winner, Brittany Hampton is back to help find the next. It's an inside look into the world one of fashion's biggest tycoons and we get to see how far the contestants will go to reach their dreams. Much like the women on House of DVF, Sally Jay Gorce of Elaine Dundy's The Dud Avocado just wants to live--to achieve something big. Somewhat of a cult classic, The Dud Avocado follows the sharp, charming, and sexy adventures of Sally living abroad in Paris during the 1950s. Every House of DVF girl should have a copy of this as a companion for when the challenges get tough.

3. If you love Empire, you should read Explicit Content by Black Artemis

It's back to the Lyons Den in September for Empire fans, the show that broke Twitter every Wednesday last Winter. The explosive family dynamic between Lucious, Cookie, Andre, Jamal, and Hakeem is one like no other. While we wait for the fall premiere, Explicit Content by Black Artemis is likely to fill its void. Also known as Sofia Quintero, Black Artemis is a writer, activist, speaker, comedienne, and the list goes on. Her debut novel Explicit Content is about two best friends who've been killing it in the underground hip-hop scene as a duo. When mogul and producer "G Double D" lures one of the girls to his label, the other will have to forge on as a solo act. This story about rivalry, betrayal and the inner workings of the music industry will be intriguing for any Empire fan looking for a good read.

4. If you're excited for Scream Queens, you should read Dare Me by Megan Abbott

The highly anticipated new FOX series Scream Queens is a little bit scary and a lot of laughter. From the creators of GLEE and American Horror Story, Scream Queens follows a group of sorority sisters that make some noise on campus after the murder of one of their own. With a promising cast featuring Emma Roberts, Lea Michele, and Keke Palmer and some dazzling guest starts, this is a show many are looking forward to. As Scream Queens is predicting to be equal parts horror and comedy, fans will love the novel Dare Me by Megan Abbott. "The raw passions of girlhood are brought to life in this taut, unflinching exploration of friendship, ambition, and power." As a cheerleader, Addy is at the top of High School's food chain. She's used to the regimen that she's created, which everyone follows, but it's rocked when her squad gets a new Coach. When a suicide occurs, a police investigation is launched and all eyes are on Addy, the Coach, and the rest of the cheerleaders. It's a story about loyalty and boundaries, and the dangers of what keeping a promise can entail.

5. If you love How to Get Away with Murder, you should read The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes

The Keating 5 had a rough first year of Law School with Viola Davis as their professor. Faced with sex scandals and covering up a crime tested their loyalty and mental states every week. This outbreak show is set to return Thursday September 24th on ABC, but if you can't wait that long, crack open The Shining Girls by Lauren Beukes. This thriller is being called "one of the scariest and best-written thrillers" of 2014. Inventive and haunting, Kirby is "determined to bring her would-be killer to justice." Set in the Depression era of Chicago, Harper Curtis is a time-travelling serial killer who is motivated by this house he stumbles upon that orders him to kill "The Shining Girls." Kirby is one of the last girls to be killed by Harper, but is tenacious in putting an end to his mission. Will she succeed or is her fate already decided for her?

6. If you love Sleepy Hollow, you should read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow by Washington Irving

Ichabone Crane is living in present day Sleepy Hollow, New York after waking from his long slumber. The TV show and book that inspired the series have a lot of differences, so why not read the original? Washington Irving's classic The Legend of Sleepy Hollow is a must read for fans of FOX's surprise hit.

7. If you love Grey's Anatomy, you should read Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta

From Seattle Grace to Seattle Grace Mercy West to possibly Seattle Grace Mercy Dr. McDreamy?! Grey's Anatomy is coming back for its 12th season and fans are coping with yet another death of a cast favorite. Grey's fans are used to the drama, which is why Monday Mornings by Sanjay Gupta is a perfect read for fans of the show. Following "the lives of five surgeons at Chelsea General as they push the limits of their abilities and confront their personal and professional failings, often in front of their peers," this book is reminiscent of the early Grey's Anatomy days when the cast was full of hope, promise, and a love for medicine. Gupta is a neurosurgeon himself and will easily transport you to a world similar to episodes of this iconic series.

8. If you love Scandal, you should read Primary Colors by Joe Klein

TGIT isn't complete without a look into Olivia Pope's world. Fiercely flawed but incredibly addicting to watch, Pope handles all of D.C.'s political scandals with her sharp brain, inimitable strut, and a few large glasses or red wine here and there. Her forbidden romance with President Fitzgerald Grant has been the show's main arc for years, and Olivia finds herself in hot water from time to time though she is seen as a savior by many. The fast-paced, must-see Thursday night drama is perfectly paired with Joe Klein's Primary Colors. Klein's "roman á clef" that was originally published anonymously is a work of fiction that follows Bill Clinton's first presidential campaign. "A brilliant and penetrating look behind the scenes of modern American politics, Primary Colors is a funny, wise, and dramatic story with characters and events that resemble some familiar, real-life figures." While the main character is no Olivia, reading Primary Colors is still shocking and gives you the similar thrill of watching a Shonda Rhimes cliffhanger.

9. If you love Castle, you should read Sharp Objects by Gillian Flynn

Castle returns for its 8th season on ABC, Monday September 21st. Richard Castle and Kate Beckett are TV's favorite crime-solving couple who originally want nothing to do with one another. Castle is a mystery writer and Beckett is a NYPD dectective who can't deny their attraction which leads to a relationship that was bound to happen and a duo that becomes key in New York's murder scene. In Gillian Flynn's Sharp Objects, Camille returns home in hopes of breaking the story of a recent tragedy involving the murders of young preteen girls. Her past begins to suffocate her as she deals with her mother, investigating for her story, and her own demons. Sharp Objects is dark and uncomfortably funny and you'll find yourself cringing until the novel's final words. Camille is flawed but somewhat relatable, just like our beloved main characters of Castle.

10. If you love The Good Wife, you should read The Expats by Chris Pavone

The Good Wife is TV's most underrated television show, but the fans will never give up on letting you know how amazing it is. Alicia Florrick won't be returning to our small screens until October, but until then you can pick up a copy of The Expats by Chris Pavone. "As Kate digs, and uncovers the secrets of the people who surround her, she finds herself buried in layers of deceit so thick they threaten her family, her marriage, and her life." Alicia and Kate are similar working mothers whose lives have been uprooted because of their husbands. The two find themselves having to move forward, Alicia because of her politician husband's sex scandal and Kate, who leaves her job as a CIA operative, a job her husband knows nothing about. When she moves oversees to Luxembourg, Kate starts to notice strange happenings and uses her past to investigate her present.

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