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24 Signs You're Addicted To Beauty Products

This hobby could make you go bankrupt. BUT WHATEVER.

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6. You get a high off of all of the fragrances and swatches you test out.

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Sure, you smell like a trashy version of Chanel No. 5 and SURE, your nails have 208 colors on them, but who cares, you crave this type of buzz.

7. The perfectionist in you has been searching for that EXACT MATCH for years.

This goes for foundation, concealer, and MLBBs. It still takes you a good hour to decide between 4A and 4B, which is probably why you should just buy both.


9. Or were you actually dying over the Rihanna Hearts MAC collections?

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You definitely pride yourself in being one of the addicts who got their Riri Woo in the first three hours, before it sold out (for which seemed like forever).

10. Either way, you Instagrammed the shit out of both of these events.

12. You'll find any excuse or occasion to indulge in a beauty haul.

Birthdays, breakups, new years, graduations, good grades, bad grades, any triumph, any failure.

13. And when you find a product you love (HELLO HOLY GRAIL), you own, like, 8 of them.

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One for the office, one for your handbag, one for your beauty counter, and five in case, god forbid, it gets discontinued.


17. You've subscribed to every mailing list, e-newsletter, and beauty box you can find.

Because you're always in need of a sale, product launch, or sample.