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    24 Signs You're Addicted To Beauty Products

    This hobby could make you go bankrupt. BUT WHATEVER.

    1. You're always making excuses to add new items to your beauty arsenal.

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    Sure, you already own primer and moisturizer, but you don't own a primer that DOUBLES AS MOISTURIZER.

    2. Nothing feels as good as cracking open a brand new tube of mascara.

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    Which is why you just keep buying more and more.

    3. When you walk into Sephora, you get this overwhelming feeling of wonderment.

    4. And even though you walked in knowing exactly what you wanted...

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    No beauty addict walks into a Sephora without reading all of the reviews on the website first.

    5. You're still capable of spending hours in the store, testing and looking at every single thing with GREAT detail.

    6. You get a high off of all of the fragrances and swatches you test out.

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    Sure, you smell like a trashy version of Chanel No. 5 and SURE, your nails have 208 colors on them, but who cares, you crave this type of buzz.

    7. The perfectionist in you has been searching for that EXACT MATCH for years.

    This goes for foundation, concealer, and MLBBs. It still takes you a good hour to decide between 4A and 4B, which is probably why you should just buy both.

    8. You pre-ordered the Naked 3 before anyone else could pre-order the Naked 3.

    And it was probably the best thing that happened to you in 2013.

    9. Or were you actually dying over the Rihanna Hearts MAC collections?

    MAC / Via

    You definitely pride yourself in being one of the addicts who got their Riri Woo in the first three hours, before it sold out (for which seemed like forever).

    10. Either way, you Instagrammed the shit out of both of these events.

    11. And when you heard that MAC was bringing back Heroine, you cried hysterical tears of joy.

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    12. You'll find any excuse or occasion to indulge in a beauty haul.

    13. And when you find a product you love (HELLO HOLY GRAIL), you own, like, 8 of them.

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    One for the office, one for your handbag, one for your beauty counter, and five in case, god forbid, it gets discontinued.

    14. When making a quick stop to the drugstore, you leave 30 minutes later with nail polish and moisturizer.

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    "Oh shit, I forgot the milk."

    15. You live paycheck to paycheck because of your skincare habit, but whatever.

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    Do what makes you happy.

    16. Buying one color of something just doesn't cut it, so you buy entire collections.

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    Just so you can swoon all over the place.


    NARS / Via

    Kill me.

    Paramount Pictures /


    17. You've subscribed to every mailing list, e-newsletter, and beauty box you can find.

    18. When getting new things, you consult your best beauty friends (BBFs) over in Makeup Alley.

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    You know their NC shades and everything they ever RIS and you even PM them to ask WWMUAD.

    19. You get samples of EVERYTHING.

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    Which is always a slippery slope because everything is perfect and you want to own it all in full-sized glory.

    "Oh girl, let me transfer some money, I'm DEF buying this."

    20. But sometimes, you encounter that unfortunate feeling of not liking a new purchase.

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    Damn. You just got burned.

    21. So you relinquish these goods to your friends.

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    Which makes some room in your beauty tote for MORE purchases.

    "It will probably look better on your complexion anyway."

    22. Even though you love a good Sephora binge, you are pretty elitist about where you shop.

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    You can recite (by memory) every indie line and Etsy shop that exists, and you've known about Cult Beauty forever. You're so underground.

    23. YouTube beauty tutorials are the only inspiration you need.

    You could watch them in the morning, watch them in the evening, watch them ALL DAMN DAY, that's unless you're not buying anything at the moment.

    24. And finally, while reading this post, you've opened 30 tabs of online shopping goodness.

    This is one of those times you use as an excuse for yet ANOTHER haul.

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