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Everything You Ever Needed To Know About Doing Your Eyebrows

Raise a brow.

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So does Miley.

Just bleach 'em, so they don't really exist.


1. First, you need to learn how to effectively shape your brows.

Emma Tamaoki / How To Create Your Ultimate Eyebrow Shape At Home /

Shaping your brows shouldn't have to do with trends — tailor them based on your own measurements and facial structure.



4. You can create holes by plucking a group of hairs.

Although it could take forever to pluck individual hairs, you can also mess up your shape by taking out clumps of strands in one move. Try to limit the amount you target at one time, and you'll avoid a jagged look.



8. Steer clear of plucking too close to the mirror, because you'll lose sight of the shape.

Andrei Spirache/Andrei Spirache

While you want to get closer to the mirror while tweezing, make sure to take a step back every once in a while to see if you're staying in the direction of your arch and length.

Additionally, you should avoid tweezing on a daily basis.


9. Use heat to open up your pores for brow grooming, especially for a unibrow.


Take it easy on yourself and open up your pores so the hair slides out better. The steam from the shower or a hot compress is perfect for this process. And if you're plucking a sensitive area, like the middle of a unibrow, the heat will make it a little less painful.


10. Lighting is a crucial factor.

Obviously, you don't want to pluck your eyebrows in the dark — but you should pay attention to what kind of illumination you have going on. If there's a shadow on one of your brows, you might over pluck!

Get some natural light by touching up your eyebrows in the car, but please don't do it while driving — you'll just be asking for a disaster.

13. Numb the plucking pain with Orajel or cuticle cream.

"Pain is the price of beauty" blah, blah, but if you want to minimize the hurt factor, Baby Orajel is a delicate choice, as is cuticle cream. Apply one of these before tweezing to stop you from yelling "ouch!" and "fuck!" every time you pluck a hair.



16. If you absolutely NEED to wax at home, remember to be cautious.

Make sure you're working on a clean surface so you don't get excess dirt and oil on the strips. Keep tabs on the wax's temperature to prevent burns, and don't wax more than once in one area — at that point, you're just pulling skin.

Finally, if you're using a kit, read ALL of the directions.