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22 Tips For Getting Cleaning Done Fast When Your Kids Keep Interrupting You

Attention parents: if you wanna clean smarter, not harder then you need these cleaning hacks and products in your life.

1. Opt for this no-scrub Wet & Forget cleaner if you're a parent who has no time — repeat, NO TIME — to clean their kids' showers every day. Just spray this weekly to keep bathrooms free of mildew and soap scum buildup. Boom done!

2. Or try this genius speed-cleaning hack to clean your shower in literally seconds: Just fill a soap-dispensing dish scrubber with equal parts dish soap and vinegar and keep it in the bathroom so you can give the wall and floors a quick scrub while showering. Because your kids won't interrupt you if you're actually taking a shower...right? Alas, if only.

Blogger's photo of a hand cleaning a shower with a dish brush

3. Kitchen sink starting to smell putrid? Pop a pack of biodegradable foaming drain cleaning tablets, and voila! No more grimy, stinky garbage disposal + the kiddos will ~actually~ be entertained watching this cool "science experiment." Win-win.

4. You can also place a dishwasher cleaner tablet in your dishwasher all while you're prepping a snack for your hangry teen to immediately dissolve all the lime and mineral build-up causing your glassware and dishes to come out looking all streaky.

5. And if you've put off deep cleaning your glass cooktop — because you've given up trying to accomplish anything given that your kid says "mom" or "dad"1,568 times a day — then try this blogger's tip for getting your stovetop looking so shiny in seconds that your family will think you thoroughly scrubbed it for hours: Sprinkle some Bar Keepers Friend over the glass cooktop and wipe off splatters with a damp sponge.

Blogger's before photo of a dirty glass cooktop and an after photo of a clean cooktop

6. You can also dissolve soap scum *ridiculously quickly* with a natural and non-toxic tub and tile cleaner made with tea tree and eucalyptus. Just spray, let it sit for 10–15 minutes so you can sing a Cocomelon song to convince your little to brush their teeth. "Brush, brush, it’s time to brush your teeth! No, no, no, I don’t want to brush my teeth! Please, please!" When that's done, just wipe and rinse your tub. Whew.

7. Get the painful task of cleaning toilets done easily with a Clorox toilet wand. Just pop on a disposable head, scrub, and toss in the trash. It's so much faster than using the disgusting toilet brush — especially because you won't have to deal with your enthusiastic little helper attempting to brush their hair with the toilet brush, amirite?!

8. But actually, an even faster and easier solution might be make a batch of homemade toilet cleaning bombs. Simply plop into the bowl when needed, and let the fizzing action dissolve all the grime (Who knows, your kids might actually think this is fun and clean their toilet themselves?).

Blogger's photo holding the homemade toilet cleaning bomb in their hands

9. Quickly swipe a lint roller to get rid of dust on window shades, all while helping your newly minted kindergartener pick out their outfit for school! (Also great for cleaning random debris from kids' drawers or picking up glitter spilled everywhere after a crafty project!)

Blogger's photo of a hand passing a lint roller over drapes

10. Kids tracking mud all over the carpet *while* you're trying to vacuum? Just grab these Stomp 'N Go lifting pads so you can LITERALLY stomp on a carpet stain and casually walk away rather than getting down on your hands and knees and scrubbing. Every parent's dream come true!

11. Or zap away carpet stains at lightning speed with a carpet stain remover that works miracles on ALL kiddie messes like milk, juice, ketchup, paint, markers, and even the dreaded is-that-chocolate-or-poop stain.

A reviewer's carpet with marker stains before and no stain after

12. Get your floors sparkling any chance you get from chasing after your speedy crawling baby *and* cut your mopping time in half using the TikTok-famous, machine-washable EasyWring microfiber spin mop that reviewers say is "100x better" than the Swiffer. Plus, it'll get your floors spotless with just plain water, no need for harsh chemicals.

13. And clean your little one's *constant* trail of crumbs in the kitchen in a ~flash~ with an ingenious touchless stationary vacuum that'll give your back a break too. No more bending over with a dustpan EVER AGAIN — just sweep toward the vacuum, and watch it suck up all the debris.

14. Lift stains from your couch instantly before the kids can steal all the cushions to build a fort with a Bissell multipurpose portable cleaner that'll make it look as if your toddler hasn't tormented it for months with apple juice, milk, markers and more. This machine that might be small but it is shockingly effective at pulling out all the dirt and gunk.

reviewer's photo of the portable green cleaner

15. DIY an oh-so-clever duster brush using kitchen tongs and microfiber cloth to get your blinds dust-free in record time. Pssst, it's also the perfect rainy day "activity" if the kids are bored.

Blogger cleaning the blinds with the DIY tongs tool and showing the dust on the tool

16. If you've got budding Picassos in the house, use The Pink Stuff, a magical all-purpose cleaning paste that'll get rid of everything from lipstick to Sharpie marks in a just a few minutes with MINIMAL scrubbing. (Just in time to catch them trying to get into your makeup bag next!)

17. If your baseboards are collecting dust because helping your kids with homework always ends taking precedence over chores, then reach for this ~time-saving cleaning tool~ (recommended by the mama blogger below!) It boasts a baseboard-conforming cleaning pad attached to an extendable handle so you never have to get down on your hands and knees to wipe down those baseboards ever again.

Blogger's photos of the baseboard cleaning tool

18. Breathe new life into worn out wood furniture and banish scuffs, scratches, and water rings with a Feed-N-Wax Wood conditioner that reviewers say delivers jaw-dropping results in only ~20 minutes.~ Just apply with a cloth, let it sit, and wipe off. BUT I can't promise your kids won't spill water on the table seconds after you spruce it up!

A review photo before and after of a table covered with grime and drink rings, and polished and shiny after

19. Got a new baby in the house who wants to drink milk ~practically nonstop~ leaving you with very little time or energy to clean? Make a scrub brush attachment for your drill for any job that requires a TON of scrubbing by hand. This will do all the heavy lifting for you *and* cut down on cleaning time — so you can get back to playing with your new bundle of joy!

Blogger's photo of a DIY drill brush for easier cleaning

20. But honestly if you're a parent who is too busy to DIY, check out this all-purpose cleaning brush kit that attaches to power drills to help you scrub everything from tubs and shower walls to kitchen cabinets, stove top, and tile floors like a ninja.

21. Finally, put an end to cried of "I'm bored" *and* delegate some of your cleaning tasks to the kids by giving them their ~own~ cleaning caddy (win-win!). And, no, you don't need to shell out $$ to buy new cleaning supplies. Just pull together some of your existing supplies into a new bucket. (Make sure it's all nontoxic, of course!)

Blogger's photo of a bucket with cleaning supplies and a checklist in the background

22. And if you really want to get your toddler/preschooler to dust and mop feverishly all day long, invest in a wooden Melissa & Doug wooden cleaning play set. It'll encourage your child to sweep up a few messes, yet it'll feel like playtime. It includes a mop, broom, dust pan, dust brush, duster, and a stand.

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