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  • ***Lehman Brothers Whiskey Set To Make Millions***

    Lehman Brothers of old are now owned by Barclays Capital and since the purchase in 2008 they have distanced themselves from the toxic brand. Well, until now…As tribute to New York resilience small start-up named Tigerlily Ventures is working with NY distillers to put out a run of luxury whiskeys for a global consumer base. Tigerlily applied for Lehman Brothers trademark in 2013 for use of this whiskey production and surprisingly received the United States Patent and Trademark Office’s blessing by way of formal application acceptance. The owners of the remnants of Lehman Brothers financial enterprise, Barclays Capital, have since crawled out the woodwork and are paying an exorbitant amount in legal fees to butcher this young start-up. All the while the Lehman Brothers bankruptcy estate still have a significant list earnest creditors still unpaid - shame on them. Lehman Brothers whiskey have had a flurry of order enquiries including a very large distributor for Mother Russia! Lehman Brothers whiskey could soon be a feature in our bars, clubs, and restaurants. Watch this space…