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The 12 Least Talked About Shots From The New Avengers: Age Of Ultron Trailer

Since Marvel released the trailer for their upcoming Avengers sequel late on Wednesday, the Internet has been ablaze with discussion about what new revelations the clip might have revealed; but with 3,288 frames to analyze, could we have missed something especially vital? Let's take a look.

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1. The Rating Card

MPAA / Via

The very first shot shows us that the MPAA (the Motion Picture Association of America) has deemed this trailer to be suitable to appropriate audiences, which is ironic when you consider that most people were probably in a state of undress when they watched it. Is that really appropriate?

3. Smokin'!

Schmarvel / Via

Whilst you can just make out some of the extras hired to play extras in this crowd shot, the poor placement of the camera in relation to a fire has obscured the faces of good-looking movie stars Mary-Kate Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Wood. We doubt cinematographer Ben Davis will be winning many awards if he keeps this sort of bad framing up throughout the movie!

4. Whambo!

Whamvel / Via

Could this be a soundtrack spoiler that we've overlooked? Have Joss Whedon and music licensor Christine Bergren managed to find a way to sneak a song by British pop duo Wham! into the film? Let's speculate as to which of the George Michael-penned hits they could have chosen: Freedom, from the 1984 album Make it Big? Or maybe Battlestations from their 1986 follow-up Music from The Edge of Heaven? Both seem reasonable guesses.

5. Cape Me Away

Marveloki / Via

After three outings as the Asgardian God of Thunder, we're in no doubt that blonde Australian meatbag Chris Hemsworth has a great cinematic presence - but here he completely dominates the screen! Maybe there was a breeze that blew the cape in front of the camera, or maybe it was Hemsworth's misunderstanding of how cameras can only catch the movement of people or objects within the path of their lens without physical obstructions, but it seems pretty irresponsible for Joss Whedon to have included this shot in the trailer and not the outtakes on the inevitable Blu-Ray or DVD!

6. Booty Call

Marvellous / Via

Now THIS is intriguing and POTENTIALLY MIND-BLOWING! At first glance, this just looks like the feet of a soldier jumping off of a vehicle of some sort onto a sandy surface, such as a beach or a long-jump pit - but if you take a closer look, has Joss Whedon inadvertently revealed a HUGE Marvel/Disney crossover Easter Egg too early? Look in the background - could the word 'HARRISON' on the wooden board actually be a misplaced studio marker pointing to where the actor Harrison Ford in the guise of Han Solo should jump from his spaceship The Millennium Falcon onto the sandy wastelands of the planet Tatooine? We'll have to wait and see if The Force is with Iron Man in this one!

7. Maybe Baby

Mayvel / Via

Which May? THIS May? May 2014? Has this film been and gone in cinemas before we even realised? Did the Marvel hype machine break down in the midst of selling us Guardians Of The Galaxy? This is confusing.

8. NSFW - Nudity Suitable For Women!

Thorvel / Via

Many trailer reviewers seem to have totally ignored this shot of the naked chiseled torso of Odin's son, but it's understandable. This is nothing new; it's not unlike the same sort of figure that many nerds harbour under their many layers of clothing. And anyway, why is Thor apparently screaming at taking an ice bath? Isn't he Norwegian? Shouldn't he be used to this sort of cold?

11. Bright Light Bright Light!

Halvel / Via

What's this curiosity? We've been hearing about how in this movie the Avengers will face an evil artifical intelligence hellbent on destroying them - could the villain actually be HAL 9000, the cycloptic malevolent computer from Stanley Kubrick's 1968 sci-fi classic 2001: A Space Odyssey? Is this an extreme close-up of his glowing red eye?


Maxvel / Via

In one of the very last shots of the trailer before it fades to a very pitch black, you can just make out that this film will be presented in a number of formats, including IMAX 3D and Real 3D, where cinema staff will stand around you during the film and in turn gently blow into your ears or throw fire at your face, depending on what the action on the screen is.