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    New Snapchat-Like App Shows The Wildest Videos From Students Nationwide. It’s Nuts!

    Snapchat lets you see what your friends are up to, but where’s the app that lets you see every party passout, keg stand, or football touchdown at your University?

    Say Hello To Sneek

    Sneek App Store Images / Via

    It's a fast, fun way to discover moments as they unfold around you. Send funny, crazy, or ridiculous photos and videos to everyone nearby.

    Sneek your friend streaking down Main Street, or the aftermath of your last Fraternity party for all to see. Just Sneek it, that's it.

    Check out that Sneek of the guy who fell asleep on the way home for Fall Break


    Or that Sneek when this happened...


    Or that one frat guy who gave in to 'peer pressure'


    Oh... and did we mention there's a video competition?

    Sneek Competition / Via

    That's right, you can get paid for posting on social media...

    Download Sneek now and see for yourself.