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    5 Apps Every College Student Needs To Survive 2015

    You might have failed your 5 finals, but definitely don't fail to get these 5 apps.

    1. Tinder - Get Your Mrs. Degree

    When the thirst is real, there’s always Tinder. Want to get hit on by creepy dudes who live off campus, or even creepy dudes who live ON campus? Get this app. Tinder has become a staple to the college experience and is great for a quick… lunch date!

    2. Find My iPhone - Recover From Last Night

    With the scratch-proof screens on the new iPhone 6, you no longer have to worry about cracking your screen. However, this still doesn’t mean your phone can’t wander away from you when things get a little bit tipsy! Find My iPhone is a must - lucky for you it's already on your device!

    3. PumpUp - Instagram For Healthy and Active Living / Via

    On the days when you just can’t deal with a workout, PumpUp brings a tidal wave of inspiration straight to your pocket. Like Instagram but for health and wellness, PumpUp lets you share photos of your active lifestyle with a hater-free, two million-member community. You can also use the app to build and customize workouts and accomplish ALL the training goals. You’ll feel #flawless emotionally and physically, all day every day.

    Get it here.

    4. Sneek - Snapchat For Your Entire School / Via

    If you don't have Sneek yet, you need to get it. It's a fast, fun way to share funny photos and videos of friends with your campus. You can share a photo of your friend streaking down Main Street, or a crazy video from your last Fraternity party. Literally anything goes... you can even post anonymously!

    Get it here.

    5. Evernote - Nota Bene (Note Well)

    Boasting iCloud integration and camera functionality, Evernote is the best note taking app around. If you're looking to easily take notes in class or jot down a quick thought on your walk across campus, Evernote is the app for you.

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