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    24 Absurd College Make-Outs You Wish You'd Seen In Person

    But hey, now you can enjoy them from the comfort of your dorm room.

    1. The Homerun

    2. The Public Transit

    3. The Dude Who Knows What He Wants

    4. The Other Dude Who Knows What He Wants

    5. The Knockout

    6. The Acrobat

    7. The Americans

    8. The Uni-Tongue

    9. The 90° Angle

    10. The Plank

    11. The Keg Stand

    12. The Licker

    13. The... the... WTF!?!?

    14. The Mysterious Stall

    15. The Even More Mysterious Stall

    16. The Circle of Life

    17. The "I Think I'm Falling For You"

    18. The Handful

    19. The Twerk Team

    20. The Handshake

    21. The Cutest

    22. The FHRITP

    23. The Scissors

    24. And Lastly... The Jizz In My Pants

    Get your mouthful of absurd college photos here!