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Why It's Awesome To Be From New Jersey

And why we don't care if you agree. NJ all day!

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The reason why New Jerseyites don't argue the point any further is pretty simple.


We are perfectly happy living here and we don't need to convert you — there are already nearly 9 million people who call NJ home.

I mean, does your state make pizza slices as big as babies?

Benny Tudino's / Via

(Note: Two plates are required to support the deliciousness of this slice. And if you stick eight of 'em together, it's called a pie.)


Speaking of Sinatra, did you know it's a scientific fact that New Jersey breeds the toughest sonsabitches around?


This probably has something to do with the fact that NJ is home to one of the most dangerous cities in America: Camden.

Camden, NJ / Via

So even though it's sandwiched between New York City and Philadelphia, you're more likely to get knifed right here in NJ! Impressive, no?


New Jersey is so awesome, New York sports teams are dying to play here.


Ever hear of the New York Giants? Or the New York Jets? More like New Jersey Gigantic Fighter Jets, as they would be called if NJ had its way. Either way, their stadium is located in East Rutherford, NJ.

And grown men wail about its women.

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New Jersey is centrally located near many major attractions.

pre-annotated image / Via

It's close to decent-sized mountainous regions (no disrespect, Colorado); New York and Philly; and of course, the Jersey Shore.


It's a traffic system in which turning traffic exits right to go left. Why? Because screw you, that's why!


Like this guy, the Jersey Devil. Yeah, that's an actual legend in New Jersey and not just a hockey team. It lives in the Pine Barrens and has been flying around and freaking everybody out with its hideous appearance since the 1700s. How?

Driving in circles looking for parking and yelling at pedestrians who get in your way will really get your heart rate up — take our word for it.

In sum, NJ is a fantastic place to call home whether you want to believe it or not.

Jesse Richards / Via

And to everyone who calls it the "armpit of America," you wish your armpits looked this good.

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