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One Direction Fangirls May Be The Most Bizzarre People On The Internet

The mind of a teenage girl is a wacky place. Add boy-band-fueled hormones and the internet, and things quickly gets wackier.

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They also occasionally imagine the pretty boys of 1D have a darker side by photoshopping excessive tattoos and piercings into their pictures.

I mean, there are entire tumblrs dedicated to doing nothing more than changing the boys' eye color.


Here is a photograph of Louis Tomlinson with brown eyes. The correct response to the aforementioned statement is "he doesn't have brown eyes?"

There are also entire tumblrs dedicated to closely monitoring fictitious romantic relationships between members of the band.


The internet calls this "shipping," which makes me long for the days when shipping meant sending things you didn't want far, far away from your home in a cardboard box.

One Direction shipping obviously gets carried away to obscene (sometimes vaguely pornographic) levels, so instead of showing you an example, here's a platypus:

And the things Directioners tweet will make your dialing finger itchy for those three magic numbers.

Their behavior on the internet makes it easier to understand why things like this happen when Directioners are confronted with their idols in real life:

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