15 Travel Themed Gifts To Give Your Favorite Globetrotter

Gifts that show off your adventurous side!

1. Landmarks That I Love Backpack

From rainbows in Hawaii to Christ the Redeemer in Rio, this backpack is ready for an adventure! Get it here for $49.99.

2. Photojojo Lens Set

Take your iPhone/Android photogame to the next level with Photojojo’s awesome lens set! Why stick with the same boring perspective when you can do more! Lens sets are priced from $49-90. Or you can get individual lenses for $20.

3. Travel Stub Diary

Keep all your ticket stubs, museum passes, and brochures organized in one place with this travel stub diary. There are even spaces in the margins for you to jot down your memories. Not bad for $14.95.

4. Scratch Travel Journal

You’ll feel like you won the scratch lottery of travel when you’re scratching off the places you’ve been. This Scratch Travel Journal comes with 8 maps and doubles as a planner. $27.99

5. Travelary

If the Scratch Travel Journal is too kiddy, try the Travelary! The Travelary is a customized travel planner/diary that lists travel tips, major music/local festivals, all countries’ time zones and emergency numbers, all socket types, and more! It’s the perfect little black book for just $21.95.

6. Travel Pillow/Bear

Sometimes, traveling gets real lonely. That’s why this travel pillow/bear exists so you won’t get the travel blues. Turn the pillow inside out and voilà! It’s a cuddly bear! Get your friend here for $24.

7. Passport Covers

Spice up your passport with a fun passport cover! You can get this one for $14.99 from 11:11 Enterprises.

8. Crumpled City Maps

There will be times when you won’t have the internet. That’s when you’ll need to rely on good ole fashioned physical maps. These crumpled maps are not only water/tear resistant but they can also be crumpled up into a ball that fits into your palm. $20

9. Superhero Suit Garment Bag

Even superheroes have to deal with wrinkles. Get your super garment bag here for roughly $32.

10. City Map Glass Cups

The traveling doesn’t have to stop once you’re home. These cups are etched with street names and sights that’ll have you reminiscing about your past adventures or give you an idea for where to head next. $12.50

11. Map Infinity Scarf

Keeping warm and showing your love for travel all in one item. $29.90 here.

12. Airport Shirts

From LAX to Charles De Gaulle, Pilot and Captain have the perfect shirts for any traveler in your life. You can get these as tote bags too! $25.60

13. Latitude and Longitude Coordinates Compass Necklace

This working compass necklace will never steer you wrong. Plus, you can customize it with any coordinates you want! Find it here for $36.

14. Globe Locket Necklace

Perfect for any world traveler, this locket necklace can hold up to 2 photos. Get it here for $28.

15. Touchscreen Gloves

Since it is winter, touchscreen gloves would sure come in handy for your explorer who either lives somewhere cold or is about to head to off to a winter wonderland. A variety of places carry touchscreen gloves but you can get these at Photojojo for $30.

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