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    12 DIY Decorations For A Geektastic Holiday

    There's still time to geekify your holidays with these easy DIY projects!

    1. Ultimate Fandom Holiday Wreath

    Instead of sticking with the same boring wreath, why not make the ultimate fandom wreath instead?

    2. Comic Book Inspired Felt Ornaments

    Add some spunk to your Christmas Tree with these comic book inspired felt ornaments! Not only is this super easy to make, but it's also break proof in case you have pets and/or small children running around the house.

    3. 8-Bit Holiday Ornaments


    Want a more subtle geek decoration? Look no further! These 8-Bit holiday ornaments will do the trick!

    4. Build It Yourself Question Block Ornament


    Chris McVeigh gives out free downloadable building guides to make some awesome Lego creations like this Mario inspired Question Block ornament. You can download the tutorial here and while you're at it, check out the other geeky building guides he has!

    5. Light Up Death Star Ornament


    Though this one is a little more complicated to make, the final result is kickass. You can get the instructions here.

    6. The Golden Snitch Ornament


    The Golden Snitch is pretty much the most perfect thing to make into an ornament. I mean, it's already spherical!

    Bonus: Neville's Remembrall Ornament


    Before I forget, why not make some more Harry Potter inspired ornaments with Neville's Remembrall?

    7. 221B Baker Street Christmas Ornament


    Show your love for Sherlock by making this 221B Baker Street ornament!

    8. BMO Stocking


    Geek & Sundry have posted the cutest stocking tutorial ever. Who doesn't want a BMO?? Check out the video tutorial here.

    9. TARDIS in the Snow


    Cause this is just too adorable. Learn how to make your own here.

    10. Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper


    And this is not that cute because Weeping Angels are scary. But it's an awesome idea. Get the step-by-step here and don't blink!

    11. Game of Thrones Snowflakes


    Represent your house with these beautiful GoT inspired snowflakes by Krystal Higgins. You can get these printable patterns here.

    Bonus: Star Wars Snowflakes


    And if you want to make even more snowflakes, Anthony Herrera offers new Star Wars snowflake patterns every year. You can check out and download the full collection of patterns here.

    12. Gingerbread TARDIS


    If you're going to make a gingerbread anything this season, you might as well make a TARDIS.

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