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    12 DIY Decorations For A Geektastic Holiday

    There's still time to geekify your holidays with these easy DIY projects!

    1. Ultimate Fandom Holiday Wreath

    2. Comic Book Inspired Felt Ornaments

    3. 8-Bit Holiday Ornaments

    4. Build It Yourself Question Block Ornament

    5. Light Up Death Star Ornament

    6. The Golden Snitch Ornament

    Bonus: Neville's Remembrall Ornament

    7. 221B Baker Street Christmas Ornament

    8. BMO Stocking

    9. TARDIS in the Snow

    10. Weeping Angel Christmas Tree Topper

    11. Game of Thrones Snowflakes

    Bonus: Star Wars Snowflakes

    12. Gingerbread TARDIS