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Professor's Shocking Response To Students Request To Move Midterm For Chicago Cubs Game

His response alone was a big W.

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Twitter / Via Twitter: @ben_larson6

Student from The University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Ben Larson, wrote a brutally honest email to his professor regarding a midterm date. The professors response is to his email is what every sports fan dreams of hearing...

Twitter / Via Twitter: @ben_larson6

For all those who are not aware of the "Lovable Losers", the Chicago Cubs have not been a part of postseason games since 2008. If they were to win the 2015 World Series (cross your fingers), they would end their 107 year World Series drought... (AKA the longest drought in MLB history)

All jokes aside...

Five hours until first pitch. You ready? #LetsGo #FlyTheW

I could go ahead and post 100 more (see what I did there?) of those photos, but I think you see my point. The Chicago Cubs have loyal fans that aren't going anywhere.

Be sure to watch the National League wild-card game TONIGHT! The Chicago Cubs will be taking on the Pittsburg Pirates for a spot in the playoffs!

Here's a little video to pump you up for what's to come!

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