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10 Signs Of Having An Overdramatic Friend

Cause we all have at least one of them.

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1. You never get bored of hearing their stories.

One second they're going to the super market, the next they're fighting off dragons in the canned food aisle.

2. Whenever something goes wrong, you know they'll go on about it for the next couple of hours.

We get it, they forgot the queso on your burrito…You've only said it 20 times.

3. Whether it's a new song they found on Spotify, or the shoes they bought on clearance the other day…Obsessing over new things is a daily occurrence.

4. If they don't look good, leaving the house isn't an option.

These are the days you find them hiding in their bathroom, while trying to put loads of product in their hair to make up for some baggy eyes.

5. Tripping in public is never a graceful action, instead they make it a full out performance for everyone to see.

6. You think they're destined for stardom because of how dramatic they can be.

And at the same time, they're thinking the exact same thing.

7. They talk at a level that everyone within a 3 mile radius can hear.

8. They go through different phases where you think they might just go insane from it.

This is the phase where they go and work out at 1AM just cause they forgot to go during the day.

9. They take complaining to a whole new level.

I heard you the first time, you have a sore throat...YOU'RE GOING TO LIVE.

10. Even though they can be overdramatic in every aspect of their life, you know that your life wouldn't be as adventurous without them by your side.

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