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English Teacher + Infant = Extra Nerdy Summer

What teachers really do on their summer breaks. Nerding out with my infant son on our first summer together.

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Literary Adventures with Gabe / Via

I love being an English teacher. I get to read great books with great kids all day for the entire year. I also love being a father. I get to raise a human being, teach him how to throw a baseball, and introduce him to the Star Wars films. This is a wonderful life.

This summer, life got even sweeter. It was my first as a father. Rather than get to my to-do list items as I normally do during summers, I decided to distract myself with a father-son project. With the help of my eight month old son Gabriel, we recreated some cover art from a few great pieces of literature. So, in case you were wondering, this is what happens when an infant is left in the care of an English teacher for the summer.

Compare these recreations to their original counterparts here:

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