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    • cenedra20

      Dear buzz-feed writer! (and readers)
      Although this article was pretty funny, it’s completely inaccurate.
      First of all, those things aren’t prohibitions for the whole world, just for the Jews. Yep. God never asked anyone else not to eat, say, clams. Eat away.
      1. Pretty much all the animal prohibitions are correct, only they apply to Jews only. Inanutshell, non-Jews can eat whatever-as long as it’s dead.
      2. No fat? Wrong. Jews are allowed to eat fat, but there are particular parts of fat that are prohibited. In Hebrew there isadistinction between the general word ‘fat’ (shuman) and the prohibited fat that mentioned in the bible (helev).
      3. It’s true-blood is very much prohibited, because it is the essence of life. Interestingly, and sadly, it didn’t stop people in past centuries to falsely accuse Jews of using kids’ blood for Passover holyday.
      4. Jews are allowed to walk around in torn cloth, even though it’s not particularly aesthetic. This prohibition talks about mourning – you are not supposed to overdo your mourning (in olden days they reaped apart their clothing). Moreover, Jewish mourners are supposed to tearasmall tear in their shirt at ‘Shiva’, so-yes, there is that.
      5. “Only single-fabric onesies” – ehh… no. the prohibition is about mixed fabrics only. Jews can wearaleather jacket overacotton shirt. Don’t go burning your jackets now.
      6. Jews aren’t allowed to cut their hair inanon-Jewish fashion. That’s it. For example – Jews aren’t allowed to imitate the traditional catholic hair-do ofapriest. Not that we regret it.
      7. What5o’clock shadow?? Jews are supposed to keep their ‘Payot’ (side-locks?), but the definition is pretty forgiving so sometimes you wouldn’t even detect it onareligious Jew.
      8. No tattoos. That one is correct. (For Jews!!)
      9. The mixed garden is just the previous for the mixed fabric commandment. But it’s correct.
      10. Not mixing animals is another branch of that commandment. Breeding inside species is alright, but things like dog-horse is prohibited.
      11. Revenge is wrong and destroying, and if we all just quit it the world would beabetter place. Still – this commandment is for Jews only…
      12. Jews are allowed to touch whatever they like, but if they are ‘unclean’ (or actually, impure) they can’t go into the holy temple. Which doesn’t exist anymore. So basically, Jews can touch anything (they don’t, though). Unclean beast is all the beasts that aren’t for eating. Yes, your dog.
      13. The ‘no church’ thing really cracked me up. Jewish moms aren’t supposed to go into the holy temple for 30-60 days. If you recall, it doesn’t exist anymore.
      14. No wine? In the holly temple. This commandment is not even for all Jews, only for those who serve at the temple.
      15. First of all, it’s Saturday. Second of all, it is well known that the laws of Sabbath are kinda hanging byathread, but they talk about specific things like sewing, writing, plowing, hunting, building andafew more (there are 39 prohibited ‘jobs’). Other stuff is allowed, like moving heavy things or hiking. Some jobs that are centered on saving lives like doctors and soldiers are also allowed-and religious Jews fulfill them with pride.
      16. Gay people.Iknow. it doesn’t make sense to enforce this prohibition on the whole world when others are saved only for the Jews, right?Iget you there.
      In conclusion: the bible is written especially for Jews. There are also commandments that are directed to non-Jews, but they are generally followed: no killing, stealing and using courts of justice. These are the ‘Seven laws of Noah’.
      Christianity could have spared everyone the headache of these kinds of confusions if only it…Idon’t know, stopped being so self-centered.
      Haveanice day everyone, and enjoy not-going to hell!

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