20 Cute Photos Of Dogs At Past Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade

    Dogs in Halloween Costumes? Absolute cuteness!

    Every year hundreds of people dress their dogs to strut their best halloween costumes for the annual Tompkins Square Halloween Dog Parade.

    a bunch of corgis dressed in costumes at the park for halloween

    1. This dog dressed as puppuccino!

    a fake starbucks cup with a Pomeranian's head sticking out the top

    2. This cutie dressed as a hotdog!

    small dog dressed with a sweater in the shape of a hot dog for halloween

    3. These two dressed as sunflowers, next to a dog who is up for adoption!

    4. This pup with a sweater as Pikachu!

    5. Santa paws!

    small dog dressed as santa clause for halloween

    6. This cutie with their twin!

    small dog wearing a sweater as a costume with a fake dog attached to the right side of their sweater

    7. The Woof of Wall Street!

    small dog dressed as a character from the movie "wolf of wall street"

    8. This cutie as a taco!

    small dog dressed as a taco looking happy at the park

    9. These dogs dressed as M&M's!

    a group of dogs at the park with m&m sweaters

    10. Hop on aboard the pawline!

    small dog dressed as the statue of liberty in their tiny bus to resemble the new york sightseeing tours

    11. Staten Island Ferry being driven by this pup!

    a corgi dressed as the staten island ferry over their sweater

    12. Pup in a blanket!

    happy dog dressed as a small pig with a regular pink sweater near stuffed animals of pigs

    13. PAWS!

    excited dog with a sweater to resemble a shark

    14. La pina!

    chihuahua dressed as a pineapple with a pineapple sweater

    15. This excited dog dressed as a shark!

    a happy dog with a sweater to resemble a shark

    16. This cute dog with his buddy!

    a small dog wearing a costume that has a cow boy on top of the sweater

    17. Robin Hood!

    a dog dressed as robin hood in sweater form

    18. A dog dressed as a box of tissues!

    small dog yawning while their owner is holding them. the dog is wearing sweater costume that resembles a box of tissues

    19. Superwoof!

    large dog wearing a sweater that resembles superman with a cape

    20. And lastly, this dog walking a dinosaur!

    happy dog being walked by their owner, the owner is wearing a funny dinosaur costume

    Do you plan on dressing up in costumes, indoors with your 4 legged friend? Let us know in the comments!