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    Get To Know Jade Purple Brown, An Artist Ahead Of Her Time

    Her designs are new, refreshing, and quite honestly inspiring.

    Meet Jade Purple Brown, an artist adding vibrant splashes of color within every design.

    With each piece bringing a story to life, it's hard to quickly pass her work without being mesmerized by bold lines and punchy colors.

    BuzzFeed spoke to Jade recently about her art, her inspiration, and how she knew what she wanted to do for a career.

    Jade told BuzzFeed that she's "really inspired by the beauty and confidence that women possess."

    "I also love the graphic motifs of the ’60s and ’70s, along with the overall energy of those eras."

    "You can see in the fluid curves, bold shapes, and juicy color palettes that are often used in my work."

    Overall, Jade says she enjoys "mixing unexpected elements together to create new, dynamic worlds of individuality and empowerment."

    Jade always knew she would end up working in the arts, saying, "I wanted to be an artist of some sort."

    Jade cites her 2019 campaign with Sephora as her most rewarding project yet, saying, "I was really able to express myself fully on this project and it was amazing to see the entire vision for the event come together."

    "The project included everything from interactive art for the event space, dynamic animations, train wraps for the Los Angeles metro, and full-on billboards."

    When asked what it feels like to see her work in public, Jade responded, "I spend the majority of my time alone, staring at a screen, so seeing my work transform into different spaces in the real world has been so surreal."

    Creative road blocks can be difficult. Jade says that in those scenarios instead of forcing herself to create, "I choose to accept it."

    In 2020, Jade says she has embraced meditation and journaling when asked what her self-care routine is like these days.

    "I’ve also been big on taking time away from social media, and being more conscious of the media I consume."

    If you enjoy Jade's work as much as I do and want to see it anytime up-close, the good news is you can.

    And if you're in the city, you can walk right over to Chelsea to see her mural painted by Colossal Media!

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