The Horrors Of Having Your Parents On Social Media

Parents ruin everything cool. Like when they started using the word ‘cool.’

1. Before you post anything ever, you have to think to yourself: am I ok with my parents seeing this?

2. And those photos of you being a party legend but probably doing things you didn’t need visually documented? They’ve seen that.

3. Did you get an awkward friend request from a distant family member that you have no choice but to accept or face the wrath of on holiday season?

4. Their attempt at any slang in any scenario ever. If it’s not acceptable when you say it to our faces, don’t type it on my wall, implying I condone this behavior.

5. Always know in the back of your mind that they are cyber-stalking you. This isn’t arrogance, this is fact.

6. Then the times they ask personal questions on a public forum. NOT APPROPRIATE.

7. Why are you asking ‘how are things with me,’ on a photo I am tagged in?

8. Then they start adding your actual friends they’ve met before.

Or more likely the people you used to be friends with in middle school that your parents still think are your BFFs.

9. Does it get any worse I hear you ask? Yes. When they start posting things that mention you, and your weird family habits and also include old pictures of you you had hoped would never see the light of a public forum.

You’ve nailed it, Don.

10. Without being melodromatic, this is likely to be your life from now on.

11. And never forget, once you’ve opened that door of parental online friendship, you can never close it. Never.

12. Probably best to talk to friends only IRL from now.

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