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Sexually Repressed Artworks Throughout History

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The myth of Leda and the Swan was very popular for artists, which tells the story of Zeus disguising himself as a swan and seducing Leda.

Coreggio, Leda and the Swan, 1532 / Via

Depicting sexual intercourse in artworks was frowned on during this period, so many artists chose this myth because a bird could be used in the male's stead. Never mind the beastiality factor...

This piece with that direct gaze and ... dem fingers, caused quite the stir

Titian, Venus of Urbino, 1538 / Via

Fun Fact: The maid in the background is frantically searching for something to cover the exposed body of Venus.

A young girl and a dead bird in a painting? That girl just lost her V-card.

Jean-Baptiste Greuze, Young Girl Weeping for her Dead Bird, c. 1759 / Via

Often seen during the Renaissance, a symbol of lost virginity was a dead bird, with a forlorn girl mourning it.

What does the flying shoe and outstretched arm from the man below the lady's swing mean?

Jean-Honore Fragonard, The Happy Accidents of the Swing, 1767 / Via

Another symbol of lost virginity and the male's stiff "passion"

Although Brancusi claims this sculpture was merely a depiction of a woman, it was still banned from public exhibition in the 1920s ...

Constantin Brancusi, Princess X, 1916 / Via

... because it's clearly a member of the PEN15 Club.

Who would have thought Dali's Lobster Telephone could be so cheeky ...

Salvador Dali, Lobster Telephone, 1936 / Via

For Salvador Dali, food and sex were closely combined. In this piece the lobster's reproductive organs, which are in it's tail, rests on the telephone's mouthpiece.

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