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15 Things You Notice When You Move Back To Sydney

I can only buy booze until 10pm?

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For all intents and purposes everything is exactly the same.

Like, seriously, how is everything the same?

But there are some things you might have forgotten about this harbour city.

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1. Public transport is really expensive, and also really hard to navigate. Going from Vaucluse to the North Shore? Good luck with that.

2. Coffee culture is everywhere. EVERYWHERE.

Not complaining one bit either.

3. Those lockout laws? Yeah, they suck.

4. And why is one bottle of alcohol my whole night's savings?

5. Why can't I easily get unlimited data on my phone?

6. Wait, why is the internet so slow??

FOX / Via

7. You forget that we can be pretty bogan sometimes...

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8. And if you don't wear sunscreen for a quick outing in the summer, you will return completely burnt.

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9. The skyscrapers in Sydney might look a little smaller when you return.

10. Movies come out sometimes months later than everywhere else.

11. But the beaches, oh sweet lord, the beaches are unbeatable.

12. And nothing beats a cheap pub steak dinner.

13. You realise our winters are more like a summer to a lot of other countries.

14. Did we mention those beaches?

15. And the fact that if you don't see a body of water at least once a week, that is super weird.

That's not that normal everywhere else.

Yep, coming home from a holiday away can be a bummer sometimes...

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But at least returning makes you notice how amazing Sydney is after all.

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