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15 Moments Of #RelationshipGoals To Help Us Recover Post Ben-Jen Breakup

This is like Brad and Jen all over again. But WE WILL SURVIVE.

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4. When Portia de Rossi described what we all want in a relationship


6. When Justin Timberlake brought sexy back


9. When Dax Shepard gave Kristen Bell a sloth because that's love

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10. When Adam Levine gave us reason #2497 to want to be Behati Prinsloo


14. When John Krasinki couldn't resist sneaking onstage to hug Emily Blunt

15. When Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis had a Kiss Cam moment and nobody cared about the game anymore

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P.S. Congratulations on getting married!!!!!!!!!!!!! And on officially restoring our faith in love, thank you very much.

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